2017 Things/ 2018 Things

I took to my Instagram account as well as The Cove (our XOXO Lib community on Facebook) to ask you guys what cool shit happened to you this year!

This year some great things happened (I mean, in the midst of a shit show, there’s still magic. Feel free to embroider that on a pillow if you feel so led) and lets talk about it!

For starters, I maintained my bullet journal for the whole entire year! I’m proud of that. I loved it. I really did, but for some reason when I was thinking about whether or not that was a habit that I wanted to carry with me into 2018, I was ready to let it go. At around October, I was getting pretty tired of making things interesting. It was just notes on paper. So I’m ready to go for an ordinary planner. Lucky me: Ryan gave me a great planner for Christmas along with some sweet, sweet pens that I’ve been coveting for ages.

I collaborated with/ wrote for/ was featured on/ did takeovers for lots of different websites and brands this year. That felt really good and I can’t wait to do so much more of that in 2018!

I started selling paintings this year! I sold several and I’m going to ramp it up next year. So get ready for an online shop and whatnot.

Obviously I’m super stoked about the existence of &/Both. I’m so excited/ nervous about our next issue coming in the early spring. If you have any art you want to submit, send it to us (info (at) andbothmag (dot) com) TODAY!

I went to see Rupi Kaur with my best friend, Jamie, for my birthday and thinking about it still gives me chills. After, Jamie also introduced me to Gratitude Cafe and I’m super into it. It’s all my favorite foods in one bowl. 😉

I got a new nephew named Leo! He’s the cuuuutest!!

In our Facebook group:
One person opened a restaurant, another one launched a website, at least one had a baby, at least another found out she was *going* to have a baby, one went back to school, TWO went to Disneyland, one started in a burlesque troupe, another started therapy, and two of us came out. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR FOR US AROUND HERE, YOU GUYS!

You also reminded me of the incredible parts of 2017 that we all celebrated together! Things like how Wonder Woman killed at the box office (which led to Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon making out on SNL like it’s no big deal at all), we got those incredible Obama/ Biden memes, the eclipse! Also… Moonlight won an Oscar, Get Out was released, Insecure is still very, very awesome, and Lena Waithe won the Emmy for what is potentially the very best episode in all of television writing (you know, in my personal opinion).
Not to mention, covefe, pics of the Obama vacation that made you feel wistful and hopeful and sad all at once, Beyonce had two babies like it was no big deal, tons of high powered sexual predators were taken down one after another bam! bam! bam! And finally… those kids walked in on their dad during a BBC interview.

My Personal Bucket List for 2018

  • Visit San Diego (we’re going in a couple of weeks!).
  • Visit family in Mississippi (we don’t actually have any plans to do this it’s just something that I’d love).
  • Make some business cards.
  • Create an online shop.
  • Do a boudoir shoot with Kinzie.
  • Write at least one fiction piece.
  • Date night doing all new things in all new places in a very familiar city.
  • Show art in public.
  • Go sugar-free for thirty days.
  • Consistently use my planner.
  • Regularly go through/ give away house hold stuff and clothes.
  • Do the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge.
  • Be a much better book clubber in the Virtual Book Club.
  • Go on a writing retreat (whether private or public).
  • Go to a burlesque show.
  • Figure out a coffee situation that works for me.

What’s on your list?? I don’t like to talk about ways I’m going to change my life–I like to look forward to fun things. I mean, I did say “be a better book clubber” but, look, I’ve barely participated in the past two months. But I love our Virtual Book Club (let me know if you want to be added to it)! So it’s really not going to be hard to get more invested.

What’s on your list? Tell me in the comments or join us in the Facebook group!

Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash


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