Meet Me Monday: Bailey

Friends. Bailey is so great. Really, truly. She writes a great blog where she writes about some of the most beautiful parts of life. Seriously, if you like my blog, you’ll LOVE Bailey’s She also upkeeps a really great Instagram account where I learn some great, absolutely reasonable low-waste living ideas.
Please, whatever you do, just get more Bailey in your life. This is what this whole Meet Me Monday series is about. Enjoy!!

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How do you want to introduce yourself to these readers?

I’m Bailey, and I’m a writer. A journalism school grad, a freelance journalist, a hobbyist blogger, a chronic list-maker, queen of the email, a daily bullet-journaler, a type this line in my notes app before I forget it poet, a can’t read a book without a pen and wide margins note-maker. I’m a writer. Every part of what I love to do leads back to writing. Introduce me to people as a writer and my heart will swell.

I’m a contradiction. I’m a zero-waster who eats Cheetos. A morning person who can’t wake up on time. A lover of the outdoors who hardly goes outside. An introverted people-lover.

I am so inspired by stories, by people, by nature, by words. By women. And I am honored to have been asked by Libby to introduce myself alongside some amazing women.

What gets you out of the bed in the morning?

Sometimes nothing! Sometimes my depression kicks my ass and keeps me there. But most days, I am able to get out of bed for people. I am able to get out of bed because I know I’ll get to tell at least one story during my day. I am able to get out of bed because I know when I get home from working my 8 hours at a Nashville nonprofit, I’ll get to lay on the couch with my legs in my person’s lap and watch Queer Eye. Love you, Jonathan van Ness.

Having a dog who needs to go out to pee in the mornings helps too.

What word/phrase resonates the most in your life?

This one was really hard. And I loved it.

My word is grow.

In college, I really got to know my depression and anxiety. They wanted to hang out with me all the time—it was so annoying. After having a couple of counseling experiences, I found someone who really encouraged me to go deep on everything. And my year of seeing her was marked by so much growth. She and I both declared that year my year of growth because so much came up. I met feelings I’d never noticed before. I figured out how to name them, why they were coming up and what I could do with them. One of those things I did was keep a daily tracker where I took a few minutes before bed and doodled something around a thing that had happened during my day so that, even if I’d had a “bad” day, I was able to push myself to reach for something better. I called it my little book of positivity, and at the end of my time with my counselor, I gave her the book. It had served me, and I wanted her to be able to use it with others and even look to it herself when needed! She opened it up to a page she loved and displayed it on her shelf along with a knickknack that said “GROW.” That’s still my word.

I think another word of mine, specifically for this year is deep. I declared 2018 my year of being intentional, and that has looked so far like really, really going deep (which I also did during my grow year!). My writing, my relationships with friends and family, my professional life—I am going hard and deep with all of it in a way that really feels right.

What does your ideal day look like?

My ideal day would be simple. I want to sleep in, wake up to a tidy space filled with light, have a yummy breakfast (something real southern—chicken and biscuits with grits and gravy) and then sit on the couch with my person and read a book (one that I want to read, not one I feel like I should)  with the windows open. I’d go hang out in a coffee shop, drink an iced Cuban, write something down in a notebook, and work on some storytelling. Maybe after, go to a secondhand store and then definitely eat chicken nuggets.

Doesn’t Bailey sound fun? I mean, let’s hang out. Seriously! Jonathan’s my favorite, too. He’s so gosh darn sweet! I mean, can you even? 😉

If you have any questions for Bailey, leave them in the comments and I’ll pass them along to her!

Thanks for stopping by for another Monday!


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