Meet Me Monday: Abby

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t know how I met Abby. I think maybe she’s a friend of a friend of a friend? I truly have no idea. All I know is that I’ve been following her online for a long time… years? Wow. Anyway, her presence on my Internet is one of my most favorite parts of self-care. She’s wickedly funny and beautiful and loves the things that she loves with her whole entire being (currently nursing an obsession with Jeni’s ice cream that’s not making me even a little bit jealous) and I resonate with that kind of heart.
Also, she has this really great podcast called Made with Melanin that she hosts with her friend Michael.
So, meet Abby and fall in love:

image1 (1)

How would you introduce yourself to these readers?
Hey! I’m Abby. I love reading YA fiction, baking, occasionally knitting, and FOOD. I love making people happy, whether that’s feeding them, making them laugh or just listening to them if they need to talk. I just love people. I’m also a hopeless romantic and enjoy Jane Austen movies more than reading Jane Austen. If given the opportunity I will ALWAYS stay home rather than go out. In my spare time I enjoy overthinking things constantly. 🙂
What parts of your life are you finding most rewarding lately?
I started a podcast (with the rest of the people my age) with a good friend who lives in New York and it is making me so happy right now. It doesn’t have anything to do with my job and I get to talk about something I love to do, which is baking! If you want to listen find us on any podcast app under “Made with Melanin.” We go off on tangents a LOT, so I apologize in advance.
What word/phrase resonates the most in your life?
You are exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. I overanalyze the shit out of everything. I am a future thinker and an over planner, which drives everyone around me insane. I just want to know if it’s going to work and all the possibilities it could or could NOT work. Suddenly I’m down a rabbit hole of “how did my life get to this point?!” and I’m crying and a mess. I have to remind myself that life is all about the process. Where ever I am in the process of my life is where I’m supposed to be. Even if I feel like I am failing, even if it’s not where I WANT to be, this is where I’m at RIGHT NOW. But I don’t have to stay here. I’ll be somewhere else tomorrow or the next day. But just live NOW. I need to tattoo this on my face.
What does your ideal day look like?
My ideal day would be with a friend where we can enjoy each other’s company but we’re also cool with being quiet for long stretches of time – basically an introvert’s dream. Maybe a coffee shop, followed by a book store where we figure out what each others favorite books are, followed by good food and then a long chat outside on a sunny but cool day? AND THEN MAYBE MORE COFFEE?! I’m actually gently crying right now omg this sounds so great.

I kid you not, Abby. I pray to God in Heaven that one day I’ll get to join you on that ideal day because that, too, is my absolutely ideal day!
Okay friends, if you want more Abby in your life, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her podcast (don’t forget to rate and review!)

What do you think?

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