When I Am Alone

I am, much like an heirloom sourdough starter, a person who requires an awful lot of alone time in order to become my best and most delicious self. Preferably on top of the fridge.

I am, also, a person who has a lot of alone time. Since I only work outside of the house a few days a week and my partner works out of the house five days a week, I have grown accustomed to a certain standard of introvertedness. Like a touchy houseplant with a delicate ecosystem, not enough alone time can throw me for a loop from which it takes a long time to recover.

Recently LaTonya Yvette wrote about five of her favorite things to do alone in her city and since alone-time is so near and dear to me, I wanted to write about my favorite alone-things, too.

Washing the dishes is my number one favorite alone thing. I can almost never do it when there’s someone else in the house. The dishes get all piled up over the weekend.

Going grocery shopping early on a Monday morning before it gets busy.

Driving aimlessly to a nearby town (usually Lindsborg) with hardly a plan except to grab a coffee and walk wherever I feel like.

Prep vegetables for us to use the rest of the week. My sister and I both are firm believers in chop therapy. If we’re having roasted veggies or fajitas for dinner, you know that I’ve maybe had a hard day.

Wandering a book store for as long as I darn well please. When I go to bookstores with other people I’m always in my head about how much time I’m taking or I feel self conscious about the way I oftentimes audibly swoon over book covers or the photography in certain cookbooks or the way I want to read every single greeting card. But when I’m alone, I can stay forever doing whatever I want for however long I want and it fills me up.

What are your favorite alone-time things?



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