April Things 2018

April! AH! Sweet relief! One of my favorite months. This one was mostly cold but here towards the end, Spring has definitely sprung and not a moment too soon. I’m so excited to go out into this world and wear my dresses and shorts again.
Reminder that a few of the links in this post are affiliate links–I thank you for helping to support the companies that support my work.

First and foremost because I want to make sure this is seen and doesn’t get lost, Manhattan Nest solved our problem: how to quit losing the *#&@% Apple TV remote! You’re welcome, PLANET EARTH!

My lil sisser’s birthday was this month and I sent her this book by Octavia Butler because I only learned about her during Black History Month and I think that’s a gosh-dern travesty.

I’ve only recently become really, really into skincare and makeup but, I mean, I’m still on a budget so this article from the New York Times about the best drugstore makeup speaks to me. Do you have any favorites that aren’t mentioned? I want to know everything. I’ll tell you right now, these face wipes are saving my life and I bought a big pack of these sheet masks. They make me feel very plump and fresh.

Roxanne Gay has a collection of essays and stories from other writers on Medium called Unruly Bodies. Included in this collection is a piece by Carmen Maria Machado entitled, “The Body That Says ‘I Am Here'”. I was so struck by this passage:

“Once, many years ago, I got out of bed to watch the ferocious glory of a late-night Iowa thunderstorm. I groped around for my glasses, but they were not there, and so I ventured into the darkness without them. As I walked toward the living room, I slammed my toe into the leg of a table and limped the rest of the way. I stood in the open door and watched the lightning rip open the sky, so bright the streetlamps turned off. The rain came down in torrents; the thunder made the old windows rattle in their panes and my rib cage in my chest. Even without my glasses and with my throbbing foot, my body was there, experiencing the storm and experiencing the night, and we both felt satisfied.”

If you are stirred, like I am, by her style of writing, I couldn’t possibly over-hype Machado’s collection of short stories, Her Body and Other Parties.

Ryan and I went to go see A Quiet Place and I loved it (it’s important to note here that I’m generally not a fan of scary movies but this one was different. It’s more about suspense than anything else.) This was incredible in a lot of different ways and I am psyched to know that John Krasinski is going to be getting a lot more opportunities as a director in the future. But one thing that they did so well, something I’ve never seen in media just yet, is that they managed to have a disabled character without tokenizing her. Just a heads up though, that article does contain some spoilers.

I’m new to the concept of Positive Affirmations because I thought they were cheesy for the longest time. But lately I’ve come around to seeing the value. The Everygirl put out this list of 50 Positive Affirmations and I’ve kept the tab open on my computer to take what I need everyday. Maybe you can find a few that work for you!

And lastly I have exciting news for local followers of this blog…


Through the entire month of May, I’ll have original artwork hanging/ for sale at Metropolitan Coffee on 17th Street in Hutchinson, KS. I hope you’re able to stop in. Get a green chai tea (my personal favorite that I can’t get anywhere else), and have a look! I’ve been working on this collection so hard and I’m so, so, so proud of it!!
If you want to make a purchase, go for it. I was so excited about my week of donating to End The Backlog that I decided to continue it! So through the whole month of May, I’ll continue to donate 15% of all sales to End The Backlog.

Happy Spring!!

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