Feeling Peeved?

Pet peeves are one of my most favorite topics. I just think it’s really interesting to learn what kind of strange little thing gets under a person’s skin.

I have a few pet peeves. Mostly they’re about simple courteousness, though, so I don’t think they really count as pet peeves? Like tardiness or not replying to texts. Or, oh! When you’re in public and someone starts playing music? Like, on their own regardless of everyone else around them? I was at a meeting in a coffee shop once and a person at a nearby table didn’t like the music that was playing over the sound system so they started playing music from their laptop. And then started singing along with it. Like, that’s rude right? I don’t think that counts as a pet peeve… unless everyone who reads this right now is thinking, “I don’t get why that’s an issue”. Then that’s just me and that’s fine.

My partner, for example, hates it when I leave cabinet doors open or if I open a package and leave the wrapper on the counter instead of throwing it away. Meanwhile, the dishes and trash can be overflowing and stinking up the whole house and he’s completely unbothered.
And if he’s driving and you’re the kind of person who lingers too long in the left-hand lane–god help you. No, actually, god help me. Because I’m the one who’s gonna be hearing about it for 2 miles.

A friend of mine gets so mad while watching me eat a piece of string cheese (I love to just take a big bite out of it) that she refuses to look at me while it’s happening. She’d much rather I use the much less satisfying method of pulling off little whispy strands of cheese and eating those instead.

My sister will happily punch someone for using “literally” incorrectly.

I started writing this post and I forgot what all of my pet peeves were. Ryan reminded me that I go into fit of rage if my dog ever licks me. I don’t mind it as much when my cat licks me–I kind of like her rough cat tongue. But when Fiona does it, my eyes fill with fire and I try my goshdarndest to not scream or flail.

And when people do that thing where they think they’re being helpful and generous by waving you through the intersection at a four-way-stop. It’s not a generous thing to do. It throws everything off and it is so hard for me to regain my patience after that happens to me. I feel like I must be the only one that this bugs or else it wouldn’t happen so often.

Or when I post something thoughtful and meaningful on Facebook and there’s always that ONE GUY who swoops in with either a joke or a “well actually” or a “well actually” in the form of a joke. Don’t be that guy!–I just sang that, at full volume, in a full coffee shop where people are having business meetings.

What even is a pet peeve? To me, it’s a small annoyance that doesn’t hurt anyone and usually bothers almost anyone and doesn’t really affect anyone’s day in a negative way (depending on how long you hold onto it).

What are your pet peeves? Or do you think any of mine are completely stupid and I should just get over myself? That’s fine. You’re probably right.




What do you think?

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