Virtual Book Club: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

From time to time, our Virtual Book Club decides to have a Choose Your Own Adventure month where we read, basically, whatever we want and then get together to talk about it at our usual time. That’s what we did for the month of March–the only caveat was that we had to choose a non-fiction, “self-improvement” style book.

I chose, You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. The reason that I chose this book was because, honestly, I thought it would be really impractical and elitist and it would be easy/ fun to write a review about a book that I hated. But, plot twist.

*record scratch*
Voice over: She didn’t hate the book.

I kept waiting for a big bunch of oblivious privilege to come barreling down the pike and–I mean, Jen Sincero does have privilege but she’s not unaware of it. She’s also been in the same places that I’ve been in. Sincero was in her mid-40’s before she started making real, serious money. That made me feel better since I’m only in my mid-30’s and wondering what the hell is going on.

If you’re the kind of person (like I am) who is super uncomfortable with the word “rich” and the concept of “getting rich”, then this book will definitely nudge you out of your comfort zone. “Rich” is a word that you have to define for yourself, though. For some, that means, I don’t know, numerous yachts? Caviar? What’s rich stuff? I don’t know.  For me, “rich” means living a rich life. Being able to support businesses, artists, and people that I believe in. Having, like, health insurance. Being able to help out family members who could use a little extra. So when Sincero would talk about getting rich–this was what was conjured up for me. And that not only made it seem desirable but also reasonable.

There’s a lot of woo-woo in this book. In fact, because of that, I’m definitely the target demographic. I’m a millennial woman who lives on the internet–you think I’m not going to be into the law of attraction? That’s what a lot of this is.

Here’s a text that I sent to my husband while I was in the middle of this book:
Me: I’m not going to say that I just manifested money but Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass at Making Money definitely would.

This weird thing happened. I had been waffling back and forth about whether or not I should print business cards. I knew I should but I was having trouble pulling the trigger. So one day, I just decided to go for it. I felt bad about the money I’d just spent on myself but I used a few of the techniques in the books to feel more empowered about making that choice. And within thirty minutes, I’d made the exact same amount (give or take a dime) through my online shop.
I’m not saying it definitely works… but it’s an interesting anecdote.

Anyway, this book definitely pumped me up for the future. I have more of an idea of what I want and what I’m looking for and what my goals are! I also want to send this book to everyone that I know but I haven’t manifested enough money to do that just yet so I’m going to just tell you to run to the library.

Next month we’re all reading Dinner a Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. You may know her blog but she has so many cookbooks, too. I’m excited to see what other people get out of a cookbook! I hope we all try different recipes and get to come back with all sorts of thoughts. The Virtual Book Club is getting to be so fun! You should join!

Have you read this book? If not, have you read ANY self-improvement books? This is way outside of my usual genre, so I’m open to self-help suggestions!