We Go High

Have you ever logged onto Facebook, looked around for a while, put it away, and then felt better about your life/ yourself/ the state of our country or world? Like—has that ever happened to anyone?
Has anyone ever thought, “boy, I’m having a rough day. I know what will fill my love-tank: FACEBOOK!” No, no one has ever done that and that’s never happened, either. Except maybe on accident. Or on your birthday. But even on your birthday, you get a couple hundred “HBD!’s” from people that you haven’t seen in a decade and then there’s the guilt from not having a thoughtful response to each person because who can keep up with that? You’d have to take a day off work.

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What Do You Want to Know? Alternate Title: I’m So Into Online Courses Right Now

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Do you know what I adore about the internet? I mean—there are a lot of things. I love that I can run out of laundry detergent and have more on the way without even trying. I love that I can meet people who completely understand my specific brand of weird. I love that I can connect with you all about really important issues and really silly ones. I love that my friends in California and I can have a book club. I love that I can wear whatever I want and I’m not limited only to the options available at the Walmart in my small town. I love that I can do good and help people start businesses or support fair-trade companies. I love that I can read anything I want.

I love that I can learn anything that I want to learn! What do you want to learn?


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scanned from transparency.  Vendor: Light Source transparency shot 12/02

The Divorce and Remarriage: Mind Body and Soul

Hi. I wanted to tell you about something that’s been brewing in my heart-place lately.

Recently I was privvy to a conversation between Glennon Doyle Melton and Elizabeth Gilbert. If you’re thrilled by just the idea of these two in one space—let me link you to the Big Magic Podcast wherein they both talk about creativity and making space for the process.

There’s a point where Glennon talks about a revelation that she had which resonated so much with me that I immediately emailed my thoughts and ideas to myself so that I could write them to you semi coherently.
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People get up at 5:00 am all the time.

A rowdy thunderstorm nudged me awake at 4:45 this morning. I couldn’t go back to sleep because it was so loud and I was thinking about how nervous my dog must be, things that I’ve said on the internet, my siblings, and how much I wanted that piquant coffee sitting in a brown paper bag in my cupboard. All I really wanted was to go downstairs and draw but it was just too early.

Then I got into a conversation with myself that goes a lot like, “Says who?”
“Says… just the way that I always live my life.”
“Well, that’s dumb.”

So I got up. People get up at 5:00 am all the time. I kept the lights as low as I could. I started the kettle to press my coffee. I ran downstairs and pulled my favorite leggings and baggy t-shirt out of the dryer (these really are my favorites and when they’re both fresh and clean, I’m so happy). I sat down at the dining room table and listened to the rain and I put pen on paper.

I’m trying my hand at the #DNDChallenge on Instagram and today’s prompt was, appropriately, “no rain, no flowers.”

I haven’t been drawing for very long and I’m not going to pretend that I’m awesome at it but I love the way it shuts my brain off. I think that’s why I’m so drawn to this activity. There really isn’t anything else that I do that lets me unplug in this way—and it’s been healing.




Virtual Book Club: Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling + October’s Book Choice Reveal

In the early introduction of this book, Mindy Kaling says something along the lines of, “in my twenties I wanted to be liked and in my thirties I want to be known.” And that was how I knew that I would really like this book. Because if there’s anything I can relate to, that’s it. And that’s a lot of the reason that I’m happy to be well past my twenties. I’m so over trying to be liked. I just want to be known.

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