Page 87: Feminist Friday feat. Ellie

This is part of a long series of posts which will be known as Feminist Fridays. Because individuality is at the heart of feminism, I’m going to open up this space to different people each week to share with us a little portion of their unique journey.

I met Ellie when I was a little kid. She was in my older brother’s class and I always had a friend-crush on her because she seemed so much more kind than many of the other, older kids in our small-town school. I always wanted to be like her in that way. When we were teenagers, we became very close friends for a few years. But time went on, she got married–I moved away for college. Truthfully, I always thought that Ellie would be one of those friends that I never got to see very often.
But I remedied that big time when I married her brother this past May!
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