Page Thirty-Two: Checking in

Took some photos in the kaleidoscope at the botanical gardens this weekend.


Cooking: greek yogurt + strawberries + honey + shredded coconut = my go-to breakfast lately.
Listening: to the You Made It Weird Podcast (still). It’s an unexpected source to find this weekly push to know and accept myself and others more and more.
Drinking: my coffee black, lately.
Reading: We Have To Fight Our Battles Together–this article on Thought Catalog. It’s real.
Wanting: it to keep raining like this, today.
Looking: ahead but still holding on to right now.
Making: love.
Wasting: time reading cocktail recipes.
Wishing: I had laundry facilities of my very, very own.
Enjoying: this temporary time in our lives (it’s all very temporary).
Waiting: anxiously for our vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas next weekend.
Liking: this new show on Comedy Central, “Review“. Get into it!
Loving: my new-found victory over gym-guilt. It’s my gym membership and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.
Hoping: that I’ll be able to make a cake soon. A dense one. With black berries. It’s what I want.
Marveling: at the way a heart can change so completely and so quickly.
Feeling: supremely gassy. Is that too much?
Needing: more coconut oil. But, I mean, $$.
Smelling: lilacs in the yard.
Wearing: this burgundy sweater that Ryan talked me into buying (though he maintains that’s not true). It’s so soft.
Following: Top With Cinnamon on Bloglovin. These photographs! Click that link and tell me you’ve seen sexier pancakes ever in your life. I submit that you have not.
Noticing: that my hair might very well be greying.
Thinking: that it might actually be time for a real hair cut.
Bookmarking: lingerie on Etsy. We should all have a lovely foundation.
Opening: Instagram way, way, way too often.
Giggling: at foot rubs. I just destroy any halfway romantic moment.
Feeling: butterflies. Still.

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