Page Thirty-Six: Checking in Again


Doing: a lot of yoga and feeling really good about it. I’m working particularly on hip openers. Lately I’ve been likening my hips to a clothes pin. Any time they get spread even a little bit, they snap back with an incredible force. I like yoga for a lot of reasons but mostly lately because it forces me to be gentle with my body, which easily segues into being gentle with my mind. 

Thinking about: Caftans. I want a nice one. Preferably mint green and baby pink. With gold accessories. I will wear it to all of the pool parties with my glass of white wine that definitely came out of a Bota Box. Summer and I’m excited about the heat, for the first time in my life. I love winter but this winter was a cruel mistress. I can’t wait to soak in the sun. I could do without humidity but you can’t have it all.

Watching: Reality TV shows about weddings. I know! I should be interested in much more intellectual things. And don’t get me wrong, I am. I love-love a good documentary! But I also appreciate cheesy, happy reality TV. I like things that I don’t have to pay much attention to and that are not filled with anger or dramatics. I love the predictability of reality shows. Like, “here’s where they make something that’s not a problem sound like a problem” and “here’s where they ‘solve’ the ‘problem'” and here’s how everything goes off without a hitch! Since I’m more interested in doing things, lately (thank you warm temperatures), stupid, cheesy, cancelled-after-a-few-seasons, reality TV is perfect for turning on and tuning out while I’m folding laundry. 

Looking forward to: Ryan coming home. He’s been gone for all of 24 hours (he should be back this evening) and it feels weird to be at home without him. I’ve been without him before, of course, but it’s usually a situation where I’m the one having gone somewhere. It’s easy to sleep on a friend’s couch or in a hotel bed by yourself. But it feels strange to sleep in our bed by myself. I really like times like these, though. I don’t fight against them at all. I really like time to myself and I really like being thrown out of routine. Last night instead of making dinner and vegging out on the couch, I cleaned the kitchen. I organized the linen closet. I assembled a lasagna to have for a future dinner. I like realizing that he’s become so much a part of normal for me that when he’s gone, routine does feel a little amiss. 

Reading: Magazines mostly. Elle Decor, Bon Appetit, and the Crate and Barrel catalog that mysteriously started showing up at my house. 

Loving: Plant life! The lilacs on the side of our house. All of the peonies in people’s gardens (I feel jealous for a peony bush). All the succulents at the garden centers. I brought these guys home to live with us. I love them because they kind of look like sea anemones.


xoxo, lib

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