Page Thirty-Eight: Summer is Upon Us

Last night we had the kind of rainstorm that can only be roughly described as “a gullywasher”.  We woke up at 4:00 am to the sound of 60 mph winds and tennis ball sized hail and it hailed and hailed and hailed for an hour or more. Generally my experience with hail has been for no more than several minutes but this went on and on and eventually I fell asleep, again, hoping that our cars and windows would be alright.


Welcome to summer time in Kansas. Storms! I know they really terrify some people but I love them. As long as tornanoes are no where near, I love a good strong storm. Last night we pulled up the radar on our phones and saw that there was no threat of tornado–so I was fine. I’ve never seen dark purple on a radar but this one had it and it was right on top of our town and it stuck around for a while. It feels good to fall asleep to storms. Have I told you, yet that they’re my favorite part of summer? Oh, yeah. I think I maybe brought that up already.

I’m looking forward to a few other things this summer. How about you?

Eating / BLT’s, mostly. Watermelon and fresh salads.
Drinking / Cold-brew coffee from Craft in the mornings. Gin and grapefruit juice at night.
Practicing / Grace and yoga.
Mastering / Waking up early.
Learning / About natural medicine, my body, my brain.
Trying / New vegetables.
Playing / …more, I guess. I think the fact that I was coming up blank indicates that the answer to this one is “more”.
Finishing / my laundry? One can hope and pray.
Reading / A whole book for once. I’m going through a phase where I get really, really into the first 1/3 of a book. Suggestions?
Remembering / My posture.
Wearing / Sleeveless tops without worry. Well, trying not to worry anyway.
Cooking / Baking, really. Baking bread and making cold salads and boozy popsicles.
Working / on painting my house this summer. I haven’t started yet… I swear I’ll do it.
Traveling / More than ever, hopefully. I want to go places.
Wanting / To really, really enjoy these temporary days.

What about you? What about you?

What do you think?

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