Page 44: Right Now

I like doing a little survey of all the little details that are always there but always changing, too. It’s fun to look back. I even do this in my personal journal. It’s one of my favorite things to look back on.

TV Show I’m Watching: We just finished watching two seasons of The Layover with Anthony Bourdain on Netflix. It definitely gave us both an enormous case of the wanderlust.
Books I’m Reading: Despite being a strong devotee almost exclusively to fiction, I am currently reading Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin. Getting my contentment on. But I’ve got a few other books queued up, also. Next up will be The Dinner by Herman Koch which I’m pretty excited about.
Music I’m Loving: The new Joy Williams album, Venus. I’ve pre-ordered it on iTunes so I’ve only got three songs, so far, but those three songs are on strong, almost daily rotation. “Woman (Oh Mama)” is my power anthem.
What I’m Eating: Despite the fact that I have had every intention of standing in solidarity with Jamie while she embarks on a month of sugar free living… I ate a s’more made with a Reece’s cup instead of a Hershey bar last night. For what it’s worth–it was way too much and when it was over I wished it had never happened.
What I’m Drinking: Mostly just iced tea, lately. A lot of iced tea and a lot of water. Though, today, Ryan brought home all of the ingredients to make a Charleston Fizz so that might become my Summer 2015 cocktail of choice. It’s so delicious and pink.
Where I’m going: We are tossing around an idea of going to New Orleans sometime in the foreseeable future but for now, I’m just going to work. Which is fine by me.
Most recent treat-yo self:
Feminist coffee mug (tried to link but it has disappeared from the internet–sorry internet).
Current Wish List: Side tables for our “new” bedroom. We got new sheets and pillows and blankets. Currently ISO tables and lamps.
Plans for the Weekend:
We’re leaving to go swimming riiiiiiight now.

What do you think?

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