Page 82: How To Clean Your French Press

My friends. I tell you, I thought I was the only one with this problem because I’ve never heard anyone else complaining about it.

One quick Google search proves that not only does everyone else have this problem, but so many of you guys have just accepted that this pain in the hiney is just a part of life. But I have found a hack! I found a life hack that has made cleaning my French press so gosh darn easy.


So, first of all, the problem is that when you’ve got a pile of soggy, compacted coffee grounds hanging around in the bottom of a glass cylinder that you can barely fit your hand into, you have to get creative about how to get those coffee grounds out. Scraping a spoon around in the bottom makes me nervous with the glass carafe and even still doesn’t get most of it. Shaking it over a trash can, also futile. Even though I try every single day.

Secondly, You could just rinse them into the sink, sure. But they’re apparently really bad for your plumbing.

I thought I’d found a solution by scraping the grounds out with a rubber spatula but let me tell you—it wasn’t that easy and still left tons of grounds in the bottom.

I Googled and I Googled and apparently no one saw this as much of a problem. Apparently other people have real problems that need solved and don’t mind all the fumbling involved in cleaning a French Press.

Well that’s fine. Because I’m not living their lives, I’m living mine and I had a friggin’ epiphany!


That’s right. Just rinse the grounds into a fine mesh sieve. And then you can do whatever you want with that. Right now I just dump mine into the garbage can. But if I understood acid/ alkaline ratios of soil, I might feed it to my plants or put it in a compost heap.
It’s just that simple. It’s so much easier to dump grounds out of a sieve than a small, glass, cylindrical carafe. And if I had found anything like this on the Googles, then it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to tell anyone about my method because it seems so obvious. So if you’ve all been doing this for years, don’t tell me.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a similar French Press if you’re interested. Isn’t she lovely? She was a wedding gift and the only way I make my coffee, now.

What’s your coffee order? Do you order something different when you’re out as opposed to what you drink at home?



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4 thoughts on “Page 82: How To Clean Your French Press

  1. Jamie Greer says:

    I’m a French press-er, too! I t is so much less bitter than drip machines. But, I dump my grounds into the garbage disposal…same plumbing problem there? I never knew!

    1. I think that the plumbing problem is the same but I’m not sure. I didn’t know about it when I had a garbage disposal. I rinsed my grounds down there all the time. I would encourage you to ask the local plumber in your life and let us know what he says. 😛

  2. This is a genius method. I will have to try it next weekend. I have a Nespresso machine I use before work on the weekdays, and we use a French press on the weekends. I don’t have a Mr. Coffee and I don’t miss it! In fact, I can’t even figure out how to use the one at work. Our glass French press from Starbucks finally broke, so our replacement is a pretty black stoneware one from Le Creuset. I love your pretty rose gold one! When I worked at SLT I used to sell a lot of those… especially as wedding presents 😉

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