Page 92: Let’s Talk About Snacks, Baby

This post is in partnership with Love With Food and does include affiliate links. Thank you for helping to support the businesses that help to support XOXO, Lib.

At my last job, one thing that I loved was the way that they prioritized the need for chocolate in the office. Refilling the M&M’s in the break room was just as important as the refill on toner or toilet paper. I felt like, “these people really get me.”

In addition to the chocolate in the break room, though, I tried to keep healthy snacks in my desk but that’s just not very easy! I’ve never been accused of being really good at planning ahead so sometimes I would leave for the day without starting off with a healthy breakfast or even packing a snack and so by 10:00 am there I am in the break room shoveling handfuls of M&M’s into my face and trying to avoid contact with anyone else. The sugar crash was hard as I am prone to migraines.

Since transitioning to working from home, it’s definitely better. I have other options in the house but more often than not I am bored with the same ole same ole. Carrot sticks again? Carrot sticks are great—don’t get me wrong—but I’m getting bored. And then I feel like a jerk because, hey, at least I have access to food when plenty of people in the U.S. don’t.

That’s why I am really excited to partner with Love With Food!

Love With Food is the easiest way to SNACK SMART and DO GOOD! It’s a snack subscription service (those of you who know about my love of Birchbox know my love of subscription services) and for every box that you receive, at least one meal is donated to a food bank.

There are so many different plans, too! I signed up for the Tasting Box because there are only two of us who live in this house—this plan includes one meal donation to a food bank every month. If you have a bigger family there is the Deluxe Box! With both the Deluxe Box and the Gluten-Free Box, your contribution to food banks is doubled!

And if you’re the kind of person who is in charge of deciding the snacks that are served at your office, they have office plans, too!!

I’ve signed up and every month I’ll go through my box and let you know what’s in it and what I think of the snacks! But in the mean time, if this sounds like something that you’re interested in, sign up with me! We’ll compare snacks!


2 thoughts on “Page 92: Let’s Talk About Snacks, Baby

  1. This is GREAT! I’m a naturebox subscriber, but the prices on this are a bit lower. I wonder if I would get the same “servings” of snacks in this box? With my naturebox the food comes in sealable baggies and I stash one in my desk and have a handful at a time. Will def. check this out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, Staci! I was thiscloseto signing up for Nature Box but I just love the idea that my money is going to help others at the same time!
      And I crunched the numbers. A year’s subscription, I would guess, is considerably less than what I would usually spend on snacks in a year.😛

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