Mothers’ Day is for Mom Friends!

This post is in partnership with ModCloth and does include affiliate links. Thank you for helping to support the businesses that help to support XOXO, Lib.

Mothers’ Day is May 8, just in case you needed a reminder. Don’t worry–there’s time. Especially if you have your gift direct-shipped.

One of my favorite parts of being in my thirties is the fact that a lot of my friends have kids. And my friends’ kids are awesome. But more than that, getting to see my friends transform into parents is one of the most amazing things that I get to be lucky enough to witness.

The girls with whom I used to religiously watch One Tree Hill are the same women, today, who have these little replicas of themselves running around and developing personalities. And sometimes I’m just amazed that I get to see that. It feels like a real honor. So when Mothers’ Day comes around every year, I fantasize about what I could do for all the mothers in my life that I love so much. I mean, in all reality, I sometimes remember to send a card but in a perfect world, I’d buy all of my mom friends the best and most beautiful gifts.

 For your mom friend who has earned some luxe lounge time:momfriendluxlounge Collage

Snuggling Act Blanket
But First Flattery Mug
Leave it to Breather Robe

 For your mom friend who has a green-thumb:momgreenthumb
The Great Indoors Tapestry
Right From the Get Grow Sleep Shorts
Just Add Potter Apron

For your nerd mom friend (or sister, I would totally give my sister all of these things):
Endorse the Force Earrings
Deep Darth Secret tank
Simply Dalek-table Mug (get it? Dalek-table?)

For your mom friend who loves her job:
On My Grinds travel mug
Limn and Proper dress
A Dial a Minute Watch

For your cat loving mom friend:
Good Mews Travels Fast
You Need More Sleep
Up Your Alley Cat Flat

For your vintage-babe mom friend:
Vintage Hairstyles
Fittingly Serendipitous dress
Kitti Sunglasses in Tortoise

For your hilarious mom friend who loves to work out:
In the Treat of the Moment yoga mat
Salve the Day lip balm set
Groove Been Served athletic leggings

For your library lovin’ mom friend:
Beach House Brunch Jacket
Baby got Book tote
Q&A a Day 5-year Journal (I have this—I’ve been filling it out for about 6 months and I can’t wait until I start to lapse myself. It’s one of my favorite things.)

I love that ModCloth has something for every style!
What category do you think you’d fit into? Do you have any mom friends (or not mom-friends) who would love any of these pieces?
Click here to Shop Mother’s Day gifts from ModCloth!

Feel free to share this list on Facebook as a *hint hint* to anyone who could use it.


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