What Do You Want to Know? Alternate Title: I’m So Into Online Courses Right Now

This post does include affiliate links—thank you for helping to support the businesses that help support XOXO, Lib.

Do you know what I adore about the internet? I mean—there are a lot of things. I love that I can run out of laundry detergent and have more on the way without even trying. I love that I can meet people who completely understand my specific brand of weird. I love that I can connect with you all about really important issues and really silly ones. I love that my friends in California and I can have a book club. I love that I can wear whatever I want and I’m not limited only to the options available at the Walmart in my small town. I love that I can do good and help people start businesses or support fair-trade companies. I love that I can read anything I want.

I love that I can learn anything that I want to learn! What do you want to learn?


Have you ever taken an online course, before? I have done a couple, and I am so excited by them. Gone are the days where you have to, like, register for classes at a Community College and show up whenever they tell you to–if you’re simply interested in a subject or a skill. You can learn anything you want, at your own pace. It’s so great! It’s one of my favorite ways to learn. I wasn’t too great at school but in my thirties, I have realized that I really do love to learn—if I’m allowed to choose what I study. This is one of the perks of adulthood. This and sour gummy worms every day.

Anyway, enough preamble, let me tell you about this great source for things that you’re really interested in—taught by legit experts in their fields.

Brit + Co, yeah, the great blog that we all know and love, has this brilliant selection of online learning opportunities for you. Not just the opportunity to learn but to learn from actual experts! I mean, it’s one thing to take a course on designing handbags but to take that course from Rebecca Minkoff? Are you kidding me? Why are we all not taking this class? I can’t wait to sign up to take this class on Photography For Bloggers by one of my favorites, Lindsay Ostrom. I love that the classes on this site are instructed by people who are really crushing it in their respective fields so I know that I can trust what they’re saying.

If you’ve been trying to learn about taking better photos with your iPhone, they’ve got you covered. If you have always wondered about basics in Adobe programs or want to feel more confident in your coding abilities (is that just me?)—they’ve got that.

If you want something really tangible—like how to make your Christmas gifts this year, you can take this class about how to make jam, beer, or take an intro to embroidery class (or if you already know the basics, why not try your hand at typography embroidery).

Or if you’re about to set out on a job search soon, they’ve even got courses about nailing a job interview.

You know I’m learning all about hand lettering right now—they’ve got no shortage of lettering and watercolor courses if you want to get on this train, too. And maybe later on, if I get better, I’ll probably take the course on how to nail selling at Arts and Craft fairs!


But more than anything else, I want to tell you about how brilliant it is to give a learning opportunity as a gift to another person. Last year at Christmas, Ryan gifted me an online blogging course and I can’t explain to you how understood and known I felt in that moment. Not only did he show that he believed in my dream to be a blogger—he found a way to really support me. As an added bonus, he also gave me a gift that didn’t end up cluttering the house. I’d be surprised if he ever does better than that in the gift department. He set the bar too high, too soon. But if he wants to keep trying, he’s more than welcome to try. I won’t fight him.

Click through this site—which one of these courses would you be most likely to try? Is there anything you want to learn that isn’t included in these selections?



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