Happy Links and House Cleaning

I totally expected to have something riveting and thoughtful about the inauguration of Donald Trump, today. But I just don’t because I’m suffering from what I’ve self-diagnosed as Trump Fatigue. And I’m a little worried because we’re going to hear his name until the world implodes (which could be next week, who knows?). But I’m just trying to take a rest on it right now. It’s important to sit and get some deep breaths before you go to war.

So instead of watching TV, today, I took my laptop to the coffee shop and sat amongst other people who were seemingly intentionally avoiding the television. And I made up a playlist filled with songs that help me feel pumped up when I’m mostly feeling defeated. I called it “We Go High”. You want in on this? Here you go.

After that I went to lunch with a dear friend and her baby who’s only a few weeks old. And we talked about basically everything except the obvious. I had a salad and iced tea and I was happy that I didn’t just overdose on ice cream and french fries like I wanted to.
There is, however, a vanilla and fig cake in the oven. So, balance.

There’s a stack of brand new magazines that need to be read. There’s a book about Wonder Woman that I need to finish. There are paintings that have to be done. So, I’m focusing on small things that need to be done before I start looking at the big things that need to be done.

Bright spots of the internet, lately.

Joy wrote a post about the best places to go all by yourself in New Orleans. I love this unique twist for solo travelers.

“I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to create change–but in yours.” Obama.org

Vet Ranch is one of our most favorite YouTube channels. This is the story of Crest who was scheduled to be euthanized because he can’t use his front legs. He walks like a kangaroo! But now he’s in a forever home! (Warning: there is a little bit of dental surgery footage on this pup)

Reclaiming Your Creative Confidence

Get a load of this beautiful sight.

Other things XOXO,Lib is up to:

Every Friday on the @realxoxolib Insta Stories, we’re cooking. A lot of you told me about how you want recipes from me. And while that’s something I love, too, it just doesn’t feel like a natural fit as a super regular feature on the blog. But on Insta it just feels right! Today we made a delicious cake and I ate a slice warm with whipped cream.

I heard your cry and we’re doing another Selfie Challenge in February! This time we’ve got an important focus and I’ve even had several people offer really awesome gifts for weekly giveaways! I’m telling you it’s going to be great. Get your friends pumped about joining in. Oh yeah, and also download Instagram.

Oh man, I feel like there were a hundred other things I was supposed to tell you about but I’ve forgotten…

What are you doing this weekend? Our Christmas tree is still up. Maybe we’ll fix that.



3 thoughts on “Happy Links and House Cleaning

  1. Thanks for that link about reclaiming creative confidence. I challenged myself to brainstorm 30 blog post topics (instead of my normal 10). Once the creativity started flowing I ended up with 37!

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