August Things

So… this summer, huh?? I can’t pretend I’m not relieved to see this season end in a few ways. I’ll be unpacking this summer for years and I’m here and I’m happy to be doing that work. But for now, I’m grateful for cold mornings and sleeping with the windows open.
Here’s some things that August brought to us:

Things are moving forward with &/Both Magazine and I’m more psyched every day.

This is the vending machine we all needed right when we needed it.

My beautiful friend Kellory drew up this gorgeous printable for us to create an action plan for self-care. Get into it! And check out the rest of her beautiful website for ways to take care of yourself right now.


Ryan had a birthday. We invited all of our friends to Noffy’s to drink until we saw double (or maybe that was just me). I love celebrating Ryan’s birthday.

Other things I love celebrating: our date-i-versary. August 25, 2011: when Ryan and I started dating. I personally think it’s more important than our wedding anniversary and I personally like that we celebrate it privately and not many people know about it.


So,  a huge group of churches got together to write up and ask other churches to sign their name to/ donate money to support the Nashville Statement (to which I will not be linking because I will not support it). I was looking for the right words to express how I’m feeling but I found someone else who said it best: A Christian Response to The Nashville Statement.

I’ve been trying to channel 1970’s vibes all summer. It hasn’t really happened but a few times I did sweat it out on a porch swing with a glass of wine, toddlers running around in the adjacent yard, and cigarette smoke wafting over from the neighbor’s house. That certainly felt pretty 70’s to me.


I found this beautifully written article about a woman’s experience living in a way that seems so foreign and scary to many of us. “Intimacy and love aren’t finite resources.”

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and the way that everyone is pitching in–at a time when we are so divided, I feel so grateful and in love with the way that love really does win in time.
Donate your time, money, and resources. I like to give my money to Together Rising but you should help however you can. Leave links to your favorite helpers in the comments or on Facebook. 


I’ve been writing some of my favorite stuff this summer. I’ve also been painting my favorite stuff this summer. This summer has been fertile for my creative process. Make sure you’re following along on my Instagram  stories so you can see my #artbeforebreakfast process where I paint first thing in the morning (because it’s the only time we have any sunlight in the house).


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