Cheers to bad days
and worse days
and the days you never thought you’d have to see.

To mood swings
and morning after pills
and falling down on the kitchen floor when the thought of one more tiny disappointment is too big. 

Cheers to the saviors
and the little things
and the ways we claw our way to the end of the day.

To fast food,
a cheap red blend, 
and the meditative breathing technique you learned in the first 45 seconds of a video you watched once with the best intentions. 

Cheers to the days that we only cried once
to the times when we remember to laugh at even our most pitiful selves.
To when we figured we finally had ourselves together. 

Cheers to the double chins and foreheads.
To the crows feet and bat wings.

To the guts that have been here through it all.
To the hair that appeared when things started getting interesting. 

To cottage cheese thighs and a well-deserved high.
To losing it and winging it and faking it and suddenly waking up to it. 

Cheers to being here for it all. 

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