December Things

Well, we’ve made it. Can you believe it? We’re walking right into the 2018 like we do every other day. It’s hard to believe, frankly. But here we are. We’re gonna be okay. Are you writing up New Year’s Resolutions? I always make a bucket list. Sometimes I get to it. Sometimes I don’t.

This month’s Dress Your Tech is so pretty! I grabbed the roses desktop background for my own self.

Goals 2018: let’s get a pajama lounge. We need it and we deserve it. But if we’re being super honest… this whole town can be one big pajama lounge if you believe in yourself.

I read this super cool round up of historical queer women in the world. I didn’t know we knew the stories of so many of them. I want to read so many new books, now.

We watched A Christmas Carol last night and realized, wow… this story is actually really horrifying!

Joy the Baker taught us how to make Chocolate Babka Muffins and then let’s all ring in the New Year drinking French 75’s!

This is short because really I just want to write about all my favorite parts of this year. I’ll do that next.

XOXO, Libby

One thought on “December Things

  1. Pajama lounge… YES! Ever since Mosey’s incident we’ve spent most of our time holed up in the spare room with the TV and lots of blankets. Kinda want to make it permanent!

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