What I Read In December 2022

Yeah, I did skip November. That’s cuz I didn’t read anything. I was looking at my reading stats on my StoryGraph, and there were 5 months this year where I read either nothing or almost nothing. And guess what–THAT’S OKAY! I feel like if there is anything I am called to in this season of my life, it’s to eliminate shame around reading. There’s so much shame around reading! And let me tell you–it’s useless and just feels shitty for no reason. So let’s work on that in 2023, yeah?

Anyway, I actually did happen to read some in December! I’ll tell you about it. Don’t forget that any purchase made through the links in these posts go to benefit our bookstore, Twice Told Tales, in McPherson Kansas!

The Dilemma by Sarah Hawthorn
Download the audiobook here.
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This book sort of surprised me! It kind of had that story-within-a-story that made The Woman in the Library so extra fun (but it didn’t feel quite as convoluted as that one). So, the story opens in 1958 with Esme dealing with the aftermath in the death of her mother. In the midst of all of the bureaucracy and physical work involved in the death of a loved one, Esme happens upon a letter that she has never seen and leaves her with some questions. I will say this only: in the midst of trying to figure out what this letter means, Esme begins to uncover her mother’s secret life.
I like the way that this book is told from two different perspectives and timelines and also the way that it felt, to me, utterly unpredictable. Every time I thought I had the mysteries solved, I discovered that I was close but no cigar.

Maame by Jessica George
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Maame is a story that I really loved. I am a sucker for a coming of age story. This one is about Maddie (Maame is a pet-name for her within her family) who is someone who might be considered a “late bloomer” (if that was a concept that I believed in). She’s been the primary caretaker for her father, who is living with late-stage Parkinson’s disease and it’s sort of disrupted the “natural flow” of young adulthood (which is so different for everyone). When Maddie decides to move out on her own, we get to go along with her on the journey of first-times. From roommates to boyfriends to battling grief and family matters. I feel like Maddie is such a real and honest character and I loved her so much.
This book would be great for anyone who loved, Queenie or Sally Rooney stories.

Now is Not the Time to Panic by Kevin Wilson
Download the audiobook here.
Order the hardcover here.

This was my first Kevin Wilson book and wow did I like it! Now is Not the Time to Panic is a book that will transport you back in time to the summer you were sixteen. I’m not kidding, you can feel the stuffy heat of a car without A/C sitting at a stoplight and you can remember, viscerally, what it was like to just want to make your mark on the world.

In this story Frankie and Zeke meet at the public pool and quickly become fast friends. Suddenly these cryptic posters start going up all over their small town, creating a panic among the community members. What started out as artistic expression between two kids quickly spirals completely out of control.

After a year where I didn’t particularly adore a lot of the books that I read, I really liked all of my December reads! What did you love this year?

What do you think?

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