I’m Libby. I live in the beautiful middle of Kansas, USA with my husband and our cat. As of the original date of this publication, Ryan (my husband, not my cat) and I have been married for just over 6 months. So, we are new to it. Kiki, on the other hand, has been my faithful companion for, like, six years or so. I have it on good authority that when I leave for work in the mornings, Kiki roams around the house with a mournful meow so I think she likes me. But she’s a cat so it’s hard to tell, otherwise. I like to say that we have a very professional relationship. Even right now she’s sitting across the room from me, aimed in my direction but avoiding eye contact.



When I was 18 years old I started keeping a journal and I never really stopped. Though that journal medium has definitely evolved over time. From hard-cover blank books to scrap pieces of paper all tossed together in a manila envelope to the internet.
I’ve never been very good at processing things without writing them down and so writing has always been my most natural form of expression. Though I like to think that I’ve grown into an adult who can censor her internet-self a little bit more than she did back in those early days of Xanga and MySpace. *crossed-fingers*

I like my blog. I like writing. And I’ll probably be doing it for a good long while. There are a lot of things that I feel passionate about and interested in so I don’t plan to pigeon hole myself too much but here are a few things that you can be sure to expect out of this space:

  1. Better photographs. Because these were just pulled from my Instagram feed and I promise that as time goes on, things will get better.
  2. Things that I’m thinking about that might be for no reason other than for me to process it. But then also, recipes and DIY ideas because creating is crucial to my development as a human and because I think that it’s important to share.
  3. Information about the coolness that is the Middle of Kansas. Kansas gets a bad wrap. And, believe me, I get it. But there’s a lot of incredible places, things, and people here as well. I’m going to tell you all about it.
  4. I’m really hoping for some giggles and guffaws as well. More giggles than guffaws, though, because in reality the magnificence of a real good guffaw is the way that they’re so rare.

I have some questions for you, now. Is that okay?
1. What’s your favorite thing about where you live?
2. When was the last time you guffawed?3. Do you have a blog, too? Link to it in the comments and we’ll all get to know one another.


Thanks everyone. You’re awesome.
xoxo, Lib.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, looks like a nice blog you have here. Saw your comment over at cupojo and thought I’d check it out. The photo of your cat’s avoidance af eye contact cracked me right up. Congrats on your six months of marriage, that’s exciting. I’d love to hear more about Kansas. Me? I live in Wpg… here’s a link to a post about it, and you can also click on the tag for “Wpg” to see some urban ‘hikes’ I’ve done recently. http://www.homehurrah.com/2016/01/19/on-the-map/
    I havent posted since before Xmas because I’ve been pretty busy, but soon will post a new one. Nice to meet you. Take care.

    1. Hey there!! Man, your comment let me know that it’s time to update my about page! Hahaha! At this point we’ve been married for a year and a half AND we added a dog to our family.
      I plan to write a LOT more about Kansas on the blog in the coming year so stick around.
      I love the idea of “urban hikes”! Can’t wait to check out your blog. Thanks for finding me. 🙂

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