About Libby

Image description: Libby, shown from mid-chest and up, wearing a blue bra, wrapped in a soft, yellow shawl. She is wearing square, gold glasses and a bright red lipstick. Photo by Empowerment Photographer, Kansas City, Missouri.

Hi! I’m Libby. I live in pretty much the middle of Kansas in pretty much the middle of the United States. I share a little apartment with my partner, Ryan, and our two pets. Fiona, an old lady rescue mutt and Kiki a dramatic and snobby Siamese cat.
I use she/ her pronouns and identify as a queer, happy fat. I’m a writer, an artist, a lover and a fighter. I created XOXO, Lib in the spring of 2015 and I’m also co-creator of &/Both, an art and literature magazine.

In this space we value honesty, mutual respect, the amplification and honor of marginalized voices, and joy. I’m going to talk primarily about life in a small town in the middle of Kansas: living in a fat body, being married and queer, reading books, and living in my full truth.

At the time of this writing, I’ve been seriously blogging for going on three years. When I first started, all the how-to-make-it-in-blogging information talked about the importance of having a niche. I couldn’t figure out what mine was and I was just going to be the blogger who talked about anything at all.

The one thing I knew I wasn’t going to talk about was being fat. I’d spent thirty years mastering the art of pretending that my bigger body didn’t affect me and didn’t make my life any different from that of my friends. In 2018, though, I came to a really important realization. Unless and until people start being exposed to the way that this world (both the physical and societal structures) isn’t built for a body like mine, no change could be made. I started talking about things lightly and I was amazed that not only were my friends and people who cared about me shocked to learn certain things, but they were eager to make changes in their own life to make space for different types of people. I was brought face to face with the fact that not only was I doing a disservice to myself by keeping my loved ones in the dark about my experience, but I was selling them short, too. My lack of honesty was keeping them from being able to be an ally and advocate for me and people like me.

So this space is for telling true stories and helping to make change. We’re world changers. I hope you’ll join me.


For more information or to discuss collaboration, email me:
libby (at) xoxolib.com

3 thoughts on “About Libby

  1. Hi, looks like a nice blog you have here. Saw your comment over at cupojo and thought I’d check it out. The photo of your cat’s avoidance af eye contact cracked me right up. Congrats on your six months of marriage, that’s exciting. I’d love to hear more about Kansas. Me? I live in Wpg… here’s a link to a post about it, and you can also click on the tag for “Wpg” to see some urban ‘hikes’ I’ve done recently. http://www.homehurrah.com/2016/01/19/on-the-map/
    I havent posted since before Xmas because I’ve been pretty busy, but soon will post a new one. Nice to meet you. Take care.

    1. Hey there!! Man, your comment let me know that it’s time to update my about page! Hahaha! At this point we’ve been married for a year and a half AND we added a dog to our family.
      I plan to write a LOT more about Kansas on the blog in the coming year so stick around.
      I love the idea of “urban hikes”! Can’t wait to check out your blog. Thanks for finding me. 🙂

  2. You are a beautiful girl, and it seems you have a huge heart. I am glad you are at that time in your life when you are being YOU. Not hiding, etc. I am JUST now at that point in my life..and I still have some issues with my body. Keep writing, I will keep reading!

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