Holiday Gift Guide: Easy to Mail Items, Guest Post by Staci Jackson

Friends! I mentioned to my friend Staci that I was writing a weekly Holiday Gift Guide  and she generously offered to help! And because I have, on one or two occasions, been on the receiving end of her incredible gift of gifting–I would have been a fool to decline. So here we have, just in time to employ the USPS for our gift delivery needs, a list of Easy To Mail Items from My Friend Staci!

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Holiday Gift Guides: For the Readers in Your World

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Through the month of December, I’ll be posting a weekly gift guide! This week, we’re talking books.

My husband and I managed to actually get Christmas gifts for every single one of our nieces and nephews (of which there are 13 and one on the way). I don’t know if we’ll always be able to pull this off (the number is just growing and growing, you guys!) but we managed it this year. And since there are so many of them and because the love and passion for reading is deep in our veins—obviously we got books for each and every kid. Picking out books for these kids… was SO MUCH FUN!

And so it got me thinking about all the books that I would buy for everyone else in my life if I had unlimited funding. Drawing inspiration from real people in my life, I came up with some ideas! So, hey, maybe there’s someone on your list that matches someone on this list?
And if they don’t, have I raved about the Book of The Month Club yet? Your recipient will always get to choose whatever book they happen to be in the mood for and they’ll get to think of you every month! Check it out.

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