Using Art to End the Backlog

From now until next Wednesday, May 2, half of all sales in my shop and all commissions that are paid for before then, will be donated to End The Backlog.

That’s the important thing I wanted to tell you right off the bat. If you’re curious about what End The Backlog is or why I was moved to this particular action, I can’t wait to tell you all about it. It feels like every passion that I have all intersects in this beautiful, powerful way.

Hold on though because it’s going to feel like a random ride but it all comes together in the end. (Content warning: discussion of rape and murder though not in detail at all).

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My Final Notes on the Past Week: Do Better, Be Better

This is the last thing I’ll post about the 2016 Presidential Election, I promise. Because this is not a political blog. This is a blog that focuses on thoughts, feelings, and living well. But because this is a blog that focuses on those things, I have to tell you about my thoughts, feelings, and how I’m living. Well…

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