Introducing a New Series: G2G

People who know me, know that I’ve been talking about downsizing a lot the past few months. People who know me really well, know that I haven’t been doing anything except for talk about downsizing a lot for the past few months. Yeah I haven’t made a move at all. It’s overwhelming! And where on earth do I start? And do I really need to read Marie Kondo if I already know that I want to get rid of all of my stuff? That’s a for real question, please someone tell me.

The truth is that we’re not going to be living in this rental house forever and ever and when I think about moving again, I’m so frustrated. Just at the thought of it. Because we moved a year ago and guess what–there was so much just junk that we had to move when we moved! Stuff I didn’t care about, stuff that I didn’t want, but here we were shoving it into boxes and forcing our friends to carry them–paying them only in pizza and gratitude. I’m not doing that again! I don’t want to pack up one more box of stuff that I don’t care about to move into another house to not open the box. But also it’s such an ordeal… doing the work of getting out from under Stuff is tough too.


Gratefully I have this blog here to help keep me accountable. Because if I’m struggling with this area of my life, surely someone else out there is struggling, too. Introducing: G2G (Got to Go!) I’m going to take you with me on my journey towards only having things in my home that I absolutely love. This will not be a quick journey but it will be honest and hopefully vaguely humorous. Maybe in a perfect world, I’ll inspire you to maybe clean something out.

In this series, we’ll explore all sorts of things like identifying what you want to get rid of, coming up with a plan, convincing the other person in your house that you don’t really need the thing, convincing yourself that you don’t need the thing, actually getting rid of the thing, and then finally the fun part: replacing the thing with another thing that you actually like (if this is necessary–it’s not always necessary).

We’re going to downsize our kitchens our DVD cabinets, our bookshelves, our makeup drawers, our junk drawers! But first we’re going to start with our wardrobes. Yes we are.

I started using a capsule wardrobe last year and I’ve seriously loved it. It needs some refreshment, though, so next week I’m going to take you with me on this journey and show you how I keep a super limited wardrobe and how I make it work for me!

What do you need to downsize in your house? Is there anything you’re struggling with?


Page 78: Grocery Shopping with a Hundred Lists

I recently posted a photo of a part of my grocery list making experience to Instagram and Facebook and the crowd went wild asking questions. So I decided to tell you all about my process.


Meal planning/ grocery shopping is one of my most favorite things to do. I find it very relaxing. I know this is not the case for most other people and if I had kids or people with more specific dietary restrictions, it might be a little more difficult. I can’t promise that my technique will work for you but it works for me because I love lists. I love lists, you guys. I love making them. I love reading them. I love writing and re-writing them.
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