When I Am Alone

I am, much like an heirloom sourdough starter, a person who requires an awful lot of alone time in order to become my best and most delicious self. Preferably on top of the fridge.

I am, also, a person who has a lot of alone time. Since I only work outside of the house a few days a week and my partner works out of the house five days a week, I have grown accustomed to a certain standard of introvertedness. Like a touchy houseplant with a delicate ecosystem, not enough alone time can throw me for a loop from which it takes a long time to recover.

Recently LaTonya Yvette wrote about five of her favorite things to do alone in her city and since alone-time is so near and dear to me, I wanted to write about my favorite alone-things, too.

Washing the dishes is my number one favorite alone thing. I can almost never do it when there’s someone else in the house. The dishes get all piled up over the weekend.

Going grocery shopping early on a Monday morning before it gets busy.

Driving aimlessly to a nearby town (usually Lindsborg) with hardly a plan except to grab a coffee and walk wherever I feel like.

Prep vegetables for us to use the rest of the week. My sister and I both are firm believers in chop therapy. If we’re having roasted veggies or fajitas for dinner, you know that I’ve maybe had a hard day.

Wandering a book store for as long as I darn well please. When I go to bookstores with other people I’m always in my head about how much time I’m taking or I feel self conscious about the way I oftentimes audibly swoon over book covers or the photography in certain cookbooks or the way I want to read every single greeting card. But when I’m alone, I can stay forever doing whatever I want for however long I want and it fills me up.

What are your favorite alone-time things?



Page Fourteen: Quiet Weekend

May and into the first week of June, was an incredibly busy time. Every single weekend featured overnight guests. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play the hostess (especially to my favorite people–who are the only people who sleep in my guest bed). But I’m also an introvert and I need time to myself in order to recharge and become myself again. So I (hopefully politely) declined any invitation this weekend so that I could plug in.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Ryan and I visited the new Mexican restaurant in town. For the record, he didn’t love it but I was totally down. I was in the mood for the small-town-lack-of-atmosphere atmosphere and the over abundance of flour tortillas. This weekend was the City Wide Garage Sale and since I’m in the market for a less-than-garbage couch, so Ryan patiently drove me around all four quadrants of our town over the course of two days and we found nothing. But I did get a few tin trays with painted strawberries and a copy of Little House on the Prairie all for a dollar. I took the money that I didn’t spend on a couch and put it into a tin can to save up. ¬†We learned that the latest season of Master Chef started, like, a month ago. I’ve been binge watching that on Hulu this weekend with a chub of goat cheese and a box of Triscuts. My brain has been in a terribly thinky place, lately. I feel like I’ll be able to talk about it soon. But not yet.

I’m feeling, good. I’m feeling like the energy bar over my head has gone from the red into the green. I feel rested and clean and happy and I’m excited to go into the world tomorrow.