Women Supporting Women on International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and I feel conflicted. I know that many out there are celebrating A Day Without a Woman by staying home from jobs and not engaging in paid or unpaid work. I think that’s awesome–we all need to resist in whatever way makes sense to us. And I know that those who strike, do so on behalf of those who can not and that’s the heart of Feminism anyway, isn’t it? So I’m grateful for those.

There are a lot of people who couldn’t contribute to this strike even if they really felt compelled to do it. There are soldiers out there who can’t take a day off. There are mothers out here who need to diaper and nurse their babies. My cost is so much lower–if I don’t engage in unpaid work, I’ll simply go to a restaurant for lunch. My laundry will not get folded for just one more day and there won’t be a blog post here to read. But if I don’t go to work, my bad-ass, lady boss will have to stay late. And sure she could just not go to work but then that’s a whole day  that her store will be closed and that just doesn’t seem realistic.

So because all of this was on my mind, and because I do want to take action to honor the women who came before me to give me the rights that I have, I want to talk to you about another option: support! What if we gave our money to some incredible Women Owned Businesses on this–International Women’s Day? Shall we?

For those of you who are local to the McPherson, Kansas area you have some great options!


Obviously there’s Twice Told Tales, the only used bookstore in McPherson! I work there, so obviously it’s going to be the first shop I mention. I love the way that Jessica keeps the store super duper organized and she fights for the rights of women and girls as a part of her general, personal lifestyle.

Then go next door to the Main Street Deli and eat a delicious, messy, unladylike Reuben sandwich. Get the pie and don’t ever let the words “I’m gonna be bad” ever pass your lips.

Brooklyn and Co and The Cooks Nook are two stores that I love to go to when I want to just browse through some beautiful things. Any time I’m looking for a beautiful gift, these are the spots that I hit up first.

Then, get in the car and drive 10 minutes to Lindsborg where you can visit Connected Fair Trade and then go down the street and finish your day off with a delicious coffee at The White Peacock.

What I just described to you is, like, my ideal afternoon.

Do you live far away or can’t make it out, today? Let’s talk about some incredible online stores that are owned by women and doing good work.

Let’s start with Wildfang: This is where everyone’s getting those Wild Feminist t-shirts. This company is incredible because they focus on clothes that aren’t definitively “feminine” or “masculine”. They’re just great clothes that are awesome. Cool stuff for everyone! I especially adore this Spur T-Shirt Dress.
Wild Feminist»  Tee

Next up, Butter London. This company was started in 2005 by two cool ladies selling high quality, 3-Free nail lacquer. Today their shop sells all kinds of makeup and beauty products. Right now they’re having a really cool mystery sale where they’ll send you 6 full sized items for $35 (a $100 value).
March Mystery Gift! Purchase Your Mystery Gift ($100 value), Only $35 at butter LONDON! Shop Now!

Brit + Co was founded in  2011 and has become one of the largest digital media companies for women. In addition to helpful and insightful articles and products, Brit + Co offers online classes that will help you learn how to do basically anything that you want. Want to take up a watercolor hobby? Cool. Want to start brewing your own beer? Totally. Thinking about how to style your Instagram photos to get more engagement and drive traffic to your blog or website? Got you covered. Become an empowered, educated person!

Finally, let me tell you about Society Plus, a great company founded by plus sized women for plus sized women. Jessica Kane and Michelle Crawford, tried to get their youthful, colorful, fun clothes into department stores but were told that plus sized women wouldn’t buy them. They said that plus size women don’t value themselves so they won’t celebrate themselves in great, fun pieces like this. They were told that they should focus on baggy clothes in dark colors. But they didn’t back down–instead they started their own shop because they believe that fat women deserve to be honored and adorned. That’s why I believe in this company and why I give them my dollars. I also love that they include their model’s measurements and the sizes that they’re wearing so that I can decide if something will work well for me. I am looking for an affordable, maxi dress for my capsule wardrobe and this side-slit maxi is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Oh, did I mention the free shipping event they just happen to be having today?

Are there any great women-owned businesses that you want to plug? Leave them in the comments either here or on the Facebook page so that we can all learn about and support them!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!


10/100: Postcards

The Women’s March on Washington was not without its faults–that’s for sure. This event was thrown together over the course of 11 weeks. It grew from an idea to a whole, living, growing movement and that’s awesome. But do you know what my favorite part of the march is? The fact that this march didn’t represent one movement. You look out into the crowds and you don’t see all one type of sign. It’s not all about reproductive rights or all about the wage gap. It’s not even all about women’s rights specifically. There were people there standing in for refugees, LGBTQ+ people, there were signs about safe water, people wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts, people chanting about saving our education system, there were thousands and thousands of people scattered around and I promise that they didn’t all agree on everything. They didn’t even agree on what was the most important issue that brought them all together. But they were there and they were cool with each other because that’s what support is. This wasn’t an anti-Trump rally, it was a gathering under the banner of justice. And I’m down with that.


My other favorite part is that it’s that it’s not done. It’s not a matter of a bunch of women standing out in the cold and feeling good about themselves and then going home. We have work to do and we’re going to do it. Every ten days, the organizers of the Women’s March will release a new action for us to take–with detailed instructions. A group of us in town have committed to meeting together to take these actions. What I like about this is that it will instill a spirit of habit–we’ll make a habit of speaking up and staying informed and energized. When the 100 days are over, we’ll still have this habit in us to keep going.

This time we wrote postcards. We got together and said things like, “What on earth can we say that will just fit on a post card?” Some people wrote about the Affordable Health Care act, asking our Senators to please come up with a replacement before repealing. Some people asked for things and others just said, “here’s what I’m fighting for.” I told Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran about my friends–my gay friends who have to hurry to get married now and hope that it stays legal.  My immigrant friends who live under the radar. My friends from Muslim families who have been targeted, attacked, denied, and live in fear of what’s around the corner. I told them about my disabled friends who need these government programs to survive and thrive and I told them that I will always stand up for these people and I’ll never back down. I told them that maybe I didn’t vote for them in the past but truth be told I’ll vote for anyone who listens to me. And that’s true.


Update: I stopped writing this post to go make dinner and start a loaf of bread in the bread machine. A few hours later, I got back to my computer and logged into Facebook only to see that protests are spontaneously breaking out around the country at international airports to rise up against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Right now I’m streaming the live feed from the Washington Post. As I’m typing, I’m listening to the chants:
“Hey hey! Ho ho! Islamaphobia’s got to go!”
“Show me what America looks like! This is what America looks like!”
“No hate! No fear! Refugees are welcome here!”
“Yes! We can! Say ‘no’ to the Muslim ban!”
“Love! Not hate! Makes America great!”
And every time a new fleet of people comes in off a plane–looking thrilled and confused, the whole crowd cheers with applause! God, it’s beautiful. I haven’t claimed to know much about Jesus in a long time but going by what I’ve heard about him in the past, I think he’d be here to help welcome these people who were probably apprehensive to step off these planes.

Look, I’m not going to have a firm hold on every single issue that pulls at my heart. It’s not healthy and you really can’t give of yourself in every single direction. You have to choose a few that you can really give towards. But I’m here for my Muslim brothers and sisters all day.



Say it loud! Say it clear! Muslims are welcome here!
Say it loud! Say it clear! Muslims are welcome here!

Our world is changing and we get to watch. Better yet–we get to have a hand in it. I don’t know what I’m doing, really. I’m just standing up when I can. Pitching in when I can. Watching and sharing and telling when I can. Trying not to be too scared. Putting one foot in front of the other and I hope you do it, too.


PS And just as I was finishing this post, it was announced that a federal judge blocked Trump’s immigration order. It was signed 3 minutes ago. I mean, who knows how long it will last but it’s a step in the right direction and it deserves to be celebrated. History is now, my friends. Wow. We’re in it.