Page Twenty Three: Thirty

I turned thirty last week. I think I’ve been excited about being thirty since I was a teenager. Thirty-year-olds always seemed to have their ish together. By thirty, you have a job you like, a house that you like with people inside that you like and/ or have created. You’re financially stable and know who you are. You know, you just HAVE everything all put together at thirty. I mean, in recent years I learned that this stuff is stuff that you have to work for and accumulate. It doesn’t just show up wrapped in a birthday box. So, when I woke up last Monday and felt just like I did the night before–it wasn’t exactly a disappointment but I have been taking a look at my surroundings a bit more. I have been working on my insides a little more. I’m taking more of an active role in who it is that I am becoming. Because we’re always still becoming.


The weekend before my birthday, we had a party. We had out of town guests. We traveled around. We killed time. There were horrendous disappointments along with the incredible good times. It was, as I have learned, what real life always is. It was just real life.

I’m going to take a cue from my internet crush, Joy The Baker, and make a list of things that I have learned in my thirty years on this planet. I mean, what is all this worth if we never learn anything? So here’s a long list. I’ll try not to be wordy. If I feel the need to keep writing and writing, I’ll just go ahead and try to devote an entire blog post to the topic because you and I both know that I’ll talk for days.


1. I am in charge of my own happiness. No one on this whole planet owes me a good time–that’s my job.

2. Leggings are pants, okay? Sometimes, anyway. Sometimes they are pants.

3. Listen to people because you want to learn about them. Not because you want to figure out how to categorize them.

4. Avocado + toast

5. You know what your spirit requires for rejuvenation. Chase that.

6. Facebook is not real life. But also, it kind of is a little bit, too. We’re all better people on the internet (except when we’re trolls).

7. Crockpots are not reserved for people who have their ish together. You deserve hot soup after work.

8. Someone’s not treating you extra-super-awesome today? Continue with the assumption that their dog just died.

9. Read. Even if it’s not a great, brilliant work of literature. Just read because it makes you think and when you think, you learn.

10. Do what works for you. The “right way” isn’t always the right way.

11. It’s okay that you don’t like Jell-O. Do not be shamed.

12. Never forget to change all of your internet passwords. Just go to that right now. We’ll wait. …

13. There are no guilty pleasures. You like what you like and that’s who you are. So what if you like to listen to Taylor Swift in the bathtub with a can of Cheez Whiz? No one has so few problems going on in their life that this is open for discussion. You do you (see Number 5).

14. No one ever regretted how much they didn’t drink last night. Just chew on that a little bit.

15. There is nothing like witnessing someone that you love doing what they love.

It's not easy to get a good photo of the drummer.
It’s not easy to get a good photo of the drummer.

16. When you’re running low on funds, buy potatoes and eggs. Your options are limitless.

17. Take people at face value whether they want you to or not. You will always come out on top.

18. Never post anything on the internet after 11:00 pm. No exceptions.

19. Eat less sugar.

Everything in moderation.
Everything in moderation.

20. No one is responsible for your feelings and you are not responsible for theirs.

21. But still, take care of each other because we’re all that we have.

22. If your rent is paid but your bank account is in the single digits–you’re fine for now.

23. Everything can be a taco.

24. Someone has always got it better or worse than you. Your experience/ feeling/ knowledge is valid regardless.

25. Be real friends with people. They’re family, too.

26. SAY “thank you”.

27. You don’t really have to sift flour. Just whisk it. It’s the same.

28. Eat something green every day.


29. If you’re having trouble getting a hold of the situation, just focus on one true thing. Truth is truth whether you believe it or not.

30. You will never be 23 ever again and we’re all thankful for that.


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