Page 67: The Start of the #XOXOSelfieChallenge

So, this month my husband and I are moving to a house across town. I’ve lived here in this apartment for over six years and it’s going to take some legit hard work to get this place packed up. All that to say that during February, I’m going to be posting a little more lightly on the blog.

But I have to pop in to let you know that since the #XOXOSelfieChallenge started just yesterday, I have been overwhelmed with all the awesomeness. There are a few things that surprised me.
#1 I really did think that only my friends and family would be taking part but there are a good amount of people participating that I don’t know at all and that thrills me!
#2 Maybe this sounds sexist but I really don’t think that I considered that men would participate. And they are! And it excites me so much! Because, dude, self acceptance is for everyone!

I’m going to recommend that you guys go through and surf the hashtag, make friends, and build up a community of love and support!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Thank you so much, everyone! This month is already so exciting and fun.


2 thoughts on “Page 67: The Start of the #XOXOSelfieChallenge

  1. I loved looking at all the pics yesterday. I didn’t think I’d participate every day but I’m already thinking about my creative takes on upcoming topics…. 😉

  2. […] Thank you for your patience as I’ve been a little bit spotty during the month of February. But we’ve moved! And I’m hoping to get back into a much more regular writing schedule. I didn’t write too much during February but there was so much activity due to the #XOXOSELFIECHALLENGE. […]

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