Page 75: Checking in for March

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, they say. But so far, not so lion-y. Which I’m fine with. The wind is outrageous but so far no storms. They’re on their way, though, and there’s nothing that I love the way that I love a Kansas storm. So that’s something to look forward to, for sure.

Thank you for your patience as I’ve been a little bit spotty during the month of February. But we’ve moved! And I’m hoping to get back into a much more regular writing schedule. I didn’t write too much during February but there was so much activity due to the #XOXOSELFIECHALLENGE.

It made me so happy and it was so exciting to get to meet new people and to see the beautiful faces of my friends on a regular basis. And some friends shared so much–so much more than just a selfie. I got a glimpse into the physical and emotional lives of so many people and it really helped me to get through a pretty difficult and dreary month. Surf the hashtag to see what I’m talking about.

One of my favorite parts of the challenge was the way that our friend Becca turned from this:


Into this:

But moving along, let’s do a quick check in for the month of March, shall we?

What was the last restaurant where you ate? Last week, Ryan took off early on Friday. He came home and took me to Lindsborg to have lunch at Farley’s. We both got food that we’d never tasted before. Have you ever had a Monte Cristo sandwich? I think it’s important that everyone taste one, once in their life. But probably don’t make a habit of it.

What was the last thing you binge watched? I can’t remember the last time that I binge watched something, actually. But there are a few shows that we’re really excited about. Like The Walking Dead and the new season of Girls. Have you seen 11/22/63? Can we talk about it?!
Side note: the other day I was listening to a podcast about reading (you know you’re an English major who’s really hooked on podcasts when you find yourself listening to a reading podcast) called What Should I Read Next and one guest said that she’d read 11/22/63 in two days. TWO DAYS! Have you seen the size of that book?

What’s your drink of choice? They’ve got lavender syrup at Craft Coffee, and now I’ve been chilling out with Lavender Lattes. Also, if it’s later in the evening and you want something to make you feel sleepy, I’m going to recommend a Lavender Steamer. Warm milk and lavender? It will swaddle you like a baby from the inside out.

What are you reading? Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. It’s one of the first books in years that I’ve been able to read relatively quickly. I go through phases where I’m reading and phases where I’m watching a lot of tv and movies. And I’m finally back into my reading phase. Thinking about starting a blog book club and definitely going after this book. Or maybe even a blogger’s book club. If you’re a blogger and you’re reading this and this piques your interest please send me an email! I have ideas.
After I finish Everything, I’m going to start reading The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout who also wrote Olive Kitteridge. I didn’t read Olive Kitteridge but I did watch the HBO miniseries (because I was in my TV phase) and it wrecked me.

What was something that inspired you, today? I’m, honestly, feeling a little bit uninspired these past few days. But I am feeling motivated to get the boxes cleared out of our living spaces. I’m a very visual person and my visual space affects my mood. Having these stacked up boxes and unfinished stuff in my line of sight has been weighing heavily on me and making me anxious. But it will be done, soon. I know it will.

What are you listening to? Currently, like as I write this, I’m listening to the Ben Folds interview on the You Made it Weird podcast. But also I have been really vibing on Mike Edel’s album India, Seattle. And I think you’ll probably like that, too.

What is your resolution for tomorrow? Tomorrow I hope to relax and fill bookshelves and not cook anything new and only eat leftovers and maybe get a pedicure. Today is a lot more work-filled.

What are you looking forward to? Our house warming party. We haven’t scheduled anything, but we’re definitely going to have one. At some point. I promise. 

How are you doing, today? Truthfully. Not so great. But we’re working on it. I refilled my meds. I’m drinking a lot of water. I’m making sure to get out of the house once or twice a day. Some days require a little more active self-care than others. Today’s one of those days and that is ok. I feel happy that I’ve been able to recognize that I have needs and how to deal with them.

So, then, how are you doing this week?

What do you think?

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