Road Trip Snacks and Other Important Topics

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Next week, my husband and I are driving from the middle of Kansas to Jackson, Mississippi to watch my brother graduate from Seminary. I’m so proud of the hard work that he and his wife and their kids have done, the sacrifices that they’ve all made and the faith that they’ve been living in for the past four years.
After that, we’re driving over to New Orleans to celebrate our first anniversary. We didn’t go on a real honeymoon but when we fantasized about where we would go for our hypothetical honeymoon, my mind kept getting pulled in that direction. I wanted to go to New Orleans because it’s unlike anywhere else either of us have ever been. But to get there—there’s a lot of driving. I’m really excited to share pictures with you.



So what’s the first thing that you think of regarding road trips? For me it’s “what are we going to listen to?” and “what will our snacks be?”
For me, a good road trip requires something salty and crunchy (Cheez-Its) and something sweet and chewy (Red Vines).
But this time, we’re going to have all kinds of new treats! Why? Because of our Love with Food box. Want to know what we got in our last box? It was awesome.


Ryan’s favorite was the Baked Mac n’ Cheese Puffs. They’re really tasty! Especially if you’re a Cheetos fan. They taste super cheesy and delicious.Image(25)Image(22)

My favorite were the samples of Davids Teas. I’ve been trying to get myself into hot teas, lately. One of the weird things about aging that has happened to me is that I can’t drink coffee after 3:00 pm. And sometimes I just want a treat! And so I’m working on making tea that thing. My favorite was the nutty tea which was made with ground almonds, apples, beet root—as this was steeping in my cup of hot water under my nose, the smell was glorious. It reminded me of being a little kid at the kitchen table and waiting for my instant oatmeal to cool down. It smelled delightful. It tasted delightful. I did add the tiniest drop of maple syrup to it to sweeten it. That’s how I spent a rainy afternoon last week.

But there are lots of treats! We also got fun stuff like Biscoff cookies, tortilla chips, bruschetta dip and a full size bag of these honey candies!


I’m not usually a hard candy fan but sometimes after dinner I need a sweet and popping one of these has kept me from reaching for the ice cream more than once.

But also, when you sign up for a Love with Food subscription, every time that you get a box, a food bank gets another one or two meals donated to them. If you have a bigger family, get the deluxe box! If you are a person who avoids gluten, they have a gluten free box (use this link right here to get 50% off your first GF box!) Get snacks (which you need anyway) and do good at the same time!

When was the last time that you went on a road trip? Where did you go?
Do you have designated road trip snacks or music?

I hope you have a lovely week.
XOXO, Lib ❤

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