10 Plus-Size Bras that Prove Feelin’ Sexy is for Everyone

Recently Buzzfeed posted a series of articles all about how bralettes are the wave of the future. I also am on Team Bralette and so I loved these posts. Summer-time Libby loves bralettes. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a 90 degree day and having to strap yourself into a constrictive, polyester garment full of wires and boning and extra foam padding. Especially when you realize that one of the main reasons that you’re doing it is simply because society has conditioned us to believe that a woman should only be taken seriously if her boobs are high and tight. I know, right now you’re thinking “that’s not true.” Yeah it is. Think about it for about thirty more seconds.
But back to the beauty of bralettes! They’re so delicate and light and some are lacy and some are sheer and some are extra strappy and some have cut outs and some are so cute that you want to show it off by barely wearing a top at all. Just throw on a vest, go to work, and avoid HR.

But there’s this idea that lace and straps and sexy things are only for small chested people. I mean, of course, YAY small chested people! Because look at all these options to help you feel sexy and beautiful. That’s awesome! But also, this is not something that’s just for the smallest among us. Almost all of the comments on these aforementioned articles are about how people who actually have breasts or are plus-sized couldn’t possibly wear one. Well guess what, ladies. That’s not true at all. There are bralettes for everyone!

Anyone with or without boobs who wants a lacey, delicate, sweet thing to keep it together can have one. That’s what I’m here to tell you.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: is the coverage and support going to be the same as the foam-cup, underwire, extra-reinforced bras you’ve been told to wear every day of your life? Nope, not at all. I know some women who layer their bralettes–which serves to add more support but also just adds more of the strappy, beautiful goodness to your underlayers! But if you go into this experience expecting that and you’re fine with that (and I absolutely am), then let’s dive into the world of plus-size bralettes! In fact, I’m gonna show you just how serious I am about how awesome and beautiful you can feel by showing you a picture of myself in a bralette. Here’s a link to mine. I will say that in addition to making me feel like a beautiful unicorn of a human, this particular style is the champ at wrangling back-fat. I mean, as long as we’re being vulnerable here, I’ll share that as well.

This is the Ladder Lace Bralette from Torrid and as soon as I put it on I felt so beautiful and so magical that I took my first-ever topless selfie. And then I posted it on the internet–which I likely will regret later.

A note—I’m not getting paid by any of these companies. I’m just on a mission to free your boobies as well as your mind and allow them to live in a world of beautiful lace, colors, and a lack of underwires. NOW IS THE TIME!

Here are links to places where your sweet, sweet, plus-size bralette dreams can come true.

This is just one of several beautiful bralettes from the new plus-size store Lovesick.
Here we have one for less than $10 if you’re feeling non-committal at Forever21
I love the color of this beautiful purple one from Hips and Curves has the sweetest ruffle at the bottom and comes in all sizes, even up to 6x!

Some of you are looking for color! And I’ve got you covered!

This pretty blue lady is from Lovesick.
Torrid has all of your color dreams (there are so many colors!)
And Hips and Curves is back at it again.
(The backs on all of these are all very cool, too)

And if you’re still like, “Libby you can’t be serious. I need more support but I still want pretties!” Then I give you the following, more supportive, still beautiful options:

I’m in love with this new, lace, blue, multi-way strapless from Lane Bryant.
Wet Seal has you “covered” in this number with the straps and the sheer and the leopard print–but still the underwire you crave.
And back at Torrid there’s this strappy, fish-netty dear.
And the eyelash lace. I LOVE eyelash lace.

And now you know that you’re not bound to a lifetime of sad, old, industrial-type brassiers just because you have more than a B-cup. I hope this has been, if not enlightening, at least a little bit of fun.

I just did a quick search to find these but I know there’s even more out there for those in need.
What do you think? Are bralettes for you or are you more or a full-support kind of person?



One thought on “10 Plus-Size Bras that Prove Feelin’ Sexy is for Everyone

  1. You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate this post!! My large lovelies need some extra sexy sumin’ sumin’ every once in awhile too! ❤ Thanks for sharing this – I have so many options to check out now 😀

    –Clarissa @ The View From Here

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