TOO HOT (hot damn)!

**This post does include affiliate links. I’m so grateful to you for helping to support the awesome people who help to support XOXO, Lib**

I interrupt your… whatever you’re doing to inform you that ModCloth is having an incredible sale right now. It is so great. Everything that’s currently on sale, will be an additional 40% off at checkout if you use offer code: TOOHOT through 7/22.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that it will be boot season before you know it and you’ll have gotten your new favorite pair for $17.99 while all the suckers will get stuck paying $49.99.

Who Do You Kick You Are? Bootie

Those are going to look great with this polka dotted skirt for $13.99 (orig. $54.99):
Brio as You Are Skirt in White
And a sweet little t-shirt to keep it casual–probably knotted off to the side? $8.99 (orig. 29.99)
Hola at Your Girl Top
Am I getting too specific? I just have a very precise look in mind for you, tonight.

Look at that, I just put together a $135 outfit for you and all you’d have to pay is around forty bucks. Which, I think, is a pretty good deal and worth checking out.

But maybe you’re looking for something else. Maybe some fantastic barely there summertime pajamas or a gorgeous beach blanket?

I, myself, am going to order this jacket that I’ve had my eye on for (literally) years–I’m hoping to inject a lot of burgundy into my Fall Capsule wardrobe, so I’m planning ahead. Patience is a virtue, my friends! I also snagged up a sweet duvet cover that is sure to brighten up our guest room. Man, I love it when ModCloth runs a sale.

Anyway–whether you’re looking for something lightweight to carry you through these dog days of summer, or if you want to plan ahead for fall, check out ModCloth. And use offer code TOOHOT to get 40% off all sale prices. This sale only runs until 7/22 so just make up your mind and go for it soon!



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