TOO HOT (hot damn)!

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I interrupt your… whatever you’re doing to inform you that ModCloth is having an incredible sale right now. It is so great. Everything that’s currently on sale, will be an additional 40% off at checkout if you use offer code: TOOHOT through 7/22.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that it will be boot season before you know it and you’ll have gotten your new favorite pair for $17.99 while all the suckers will get stuck paying $49.99.

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Page 88: Window Shopping with ModCloth


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I started my capsule wardrobe in the heart of the winter and now that it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer, I find myself daydreaming and window-shopping. I need to refresh my wardrobe just a little bit and add some color. I really love a dress in the summer time so I’m on the look out for casual, color-filled dresses. Enter ModCloth —my favorite place to shop for unique pieces. Come with me on a daydream, window shopping adventure.

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