What Are You Wearing? #OOTD

I got dressed that morning in my favorite outfit for that week. Do you do that thing where you have a very favorite thing that you wear every day for a week and then once it’s in the wash, you forget that it ever existed? This was my favorite outfit last week.

And according to a completely informal survey, the people told me that they want to know what I’m wearing more often. There’s a lot of possible reasons for that—it’s fun to see your friends or it’s fun to see how people are dressing a body that might look like yours or maybe you just really like clothes. #OOTD (outfit of the day) posts are some of my favorite and they’re most of the blogs that I follow. It’s been a vital component in my journey towards self-love and it works for me. If you’re the kind of person who is struggling with body image and wants to see yourself in a more loving light, this is a tactic that I suggest trying out:
Set up an account with Bloglovin and after you start following XOXO,Lib on there, then you can search and find bloggers who have your same body shape or budget, or a style that you really admire or a mixture of all of the things. I follow some really great plus-size bloggers like Fat Girl Flow (a fellow Kansas girl), Style over Size, and The Plus Side of Me. I do this because so often we can pick up, like, Vogue Magazine and say “she looks so cute in that! But obviously I could never pull it off.” But when I open up Instagram or my Bloglovin’ feed and see Corissa prancing around in a tiny dress, giggling and jiggling and looking so, so fly, it is a lot harder for me to say, “but I could never pull that off.” Because why not? She’s doing it!
Other non-plus-size fashion bloggers that I follow because their style is beautiful and what fantasies are made of are Skunkboy, The Dainty Squid, and Latonya Yvette.
This is not something that only exists for women either. There are some bomb-ass male fashion bloggers, too! Here are a few if you’re interested.

Anyway, that’s my whole spiel about the importance of fashion blogging and #OOTD posts on Instagram. At face value, it seems like “look at how cute I am and how much adorable stuff I have” but anything can be important if you want it to be.


I want to talk about comfort, too.
As a plus-size girl who has been told her whole life that she shouldn’t show too much of herself, I have spent so many summers wearing jeans and cardigans. But after getting cool with myself and seeing the value and the beauty in my body, my wardrobe has definitely changed this summer. I’m wearing shorts here but they were too long for my tastes so I rolled them up again and love them. I’ve gone out in tank tops more times than I can count. I have a tank that has a completely lace back and I wore it to the Farmer’s Market without any covering or cardigan and I was feelin’. My. Self! And that’s the furthest I can go with my comfort levels. With the fat positivity movement taking off in full force, there’s a little part of me that feels like I’m supposed to be out here in crop tops and bikinis and reclaiming all of the “do’s and don’ts” of existing in a fat body for so long. It’s a very political stand. And I am all for making that stand. I really am making it in my own way—for me it’s just not as obvious. I want all bodies to be free to wear whatever they want whenever they want to and not worry about what is or is not “flattering”. But my body—as comfortable as she is—does not want to wear a crop top today. Or maybe ever? But definitely not today. Today she wants to wear long, lightweight ½ sleeve t-shirts.


I love this top because the cut of it floats away from my body—a crucial element in the summer time. It’s also as comfy as a t-shirt but feels like a little something extra. Also I’ve had such a crush on army green lately. I can’t wait to take this top into Fall with me because of that. I got this top from Factory Connection here in town but since it’s not available online, here’s something similar from Forever 21.
These are my most favorite shorts ever. They’re from Torrid and they’re a couple years old but here’s a pair that’s similar. Clothes at Torrid always fit a little bit big on me so that’s something I try to keep in mind. If the pants have stretch in them, like these do, I try to remember to size down. I did not remember to do that with these so they’re a little baggy but I ain’t mad.
And here’s a link to my super favorite Sanuk sandals that I’m forever getting compliments on. 😉
I got this necklace on Etsy at a store that has closed. But that’s okay because I can give you a link to my newest favorite necklace that I got from Noonday.


That being said, taking photos for this blog post was excruciating and I hated it and it is in no way for me. It is not for me at all. I’m glad that I did it! And I’m glad that I’m posting this because you never know if you like it till you try it. But fashion blogging isn’t for me at all. Especially since, I mean, I couldn’t even give you a single valid link! 😀
But since you guys have made it clear that you want to see more of what I’m wearing, I promise to do better at taking outfit-shots and posting to Instagram more often because I love you.


One thought on “What Are You Wearing? #OOTD

  1. I LOVE that top! And you look so comfortable, which I know is hard to accomplish during summer in Kansas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on fashion blogging. I’m not one to love photos of myself, but I always love to see what other people are sporting. Following similarly-shaped bloggers really can help a person take strides towards self-confidence.

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