If/ Then…

If you’ve been waiting for Young The Giant to put out a new album, then ohhhhh are you in luck right now.

If you’re still waiting for I Heard a Lion to put out a new album, bide your time with YouTube.

If you’re confused about how the Ryan Lochte situation went down, then you can read this. But if you’re just confused about it in a general WTF sense, then hop into this boat with me because wut??

If you are desperate to find something to fill the void left behind in the wake of the season finale of Stranger Things, then turn off Netflix and read some think pieces.

Speaking of reading: if you’re in the market for a new book, then you should pick up our August book club pick, The Book of Unknown Americans. The ultimate subject matter of immigration is this heavy, important topic but the reading itself is so quick, easy, and human. I’ll be back in about two weeks to give you a more thorough run-down of what I think about it (I’m still not done!).

If you’ve got $15 burning a hole in your pocket, then maybe you’re looking for a fresh, new, 5-Free at-home manicure with SugarLoom (I’m getting a bottle of “Licorice” because when fall comes, there’s nothing that I love more than a smooth, glossy black). Or maybe some new stationary is in order.

If your dog refuses to touch toys but you just need her to get preoccupied with something while you finish this thing, might I recommend enormous carrots? I got a whole bag for a mere 70-ish cents at Smith’s Market in beautiful Hutchinson, Kansas.  We cut one in half and Fiona was perfectly satisfied for quite a while. Her kennel bedding is in the wash, now, though.


Speaking of kennel bedding, if she’s 70 dog-years-old right now, would you recommend one of these fancy dog beds? Or is that just an added expense that she might not care about at all?

If you’re wondering how other people exist in their long-term relationships, then check out today’s post by Cup of Jo, “Who Initiates Sex in Your Relationship?” We almost never talk about sex over here on this blog—should we?

If you love looking at house tours but you’re getting a little tired of the perfectly lit mid-day, pristine photos, then check out this new after-dark series starting on Chris Loves Julia.

If you have any tried and true, low-carb breakfast ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments section. I’m getting really bored with bacon and eggs.

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You’re all the best,


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