There is a Time for All of It

All summer long we’ve been sleeping with nothing more than a top-sheet on the bed and more often than not, that’s way too hot to deal with. I hate waking up feeling sweaty and sticky. Even though we have a window-unit a/c and a fan blowing on us, we still wake up hot and gross. That’s just what happens when it’s 103 degrees in Kansas.


The fans are loud. I’m getting bored with my summer-time clothes. Keeping the air conditioner going means that we don’t have fresh air circulating through the house. I’m suffering heat-induced migraines. I’m starting to really be over this summer feeling, you guys!

And then… out of the blue… I took the dog out one morning only to discover that it was 61 degrees. And as I stood on my lawn, the sky opened up and Heaven’s angels sang as a big gust of cold air blew itself across my thin tank top and verily I say unto you, I was chilly. In August. In Kansas. And it was good. It was so, so good.

I came inside and turned off the air conditioner. I threw open all of the windows and let it be just downright cold all day. I cuddled with blankets. I wore that sweet, sweet cardigan that I got on super sale that I’ve been dying to wear (it’s really cool, you should get one too) and I thought about all of the scarves and sweaters that have been packed away since our latest move and I dreamed about pulling them out and trying them all on—80’s movie montage style.


The next day, though, it got up into the high-80’s. And the next day it was 91 degrees. And I realized that even though it has been chilly enough at night and in the morning to sleep with the windows open, it’s not over just quite yet. Which is fine. Because seasons do change. There will be a point in January when I’m sick and tired of wearing this one sweater over and over and over again. I will be tired of having to wear boots. I will be OVER this COAT! Even though my coat is awesome, I still get sick of it. Especially in a car. Ugh. Who will save us?!

So what I need to do right now, is relish in the feeling of standing outside in the 90 degree sunshine on my bare skin. I need to really let my body experience that feeling of the soft grass under my bare feet when I run out to grab the mail. I need to embrace the freedom of sleeping without blankets—for soon enough, my toes will turn to icicles under three different blankets. There is a time for all of it.


The truth is that seasons come and go in our lives. This isn’t about the weather anymore. We’re always in the middle of one moment and ending another and starting something else. Things are overlapping and changing and moving along faster than we can even comprehend. When we finally get a chance to really notice it—let’s take a minute to allow ourselves to feel it. If it’s exciting—feel it. If it’s got you feeling nostalgic—feel it. My dear, even if it’s really, really, really sad or uncertain or terrifying—let yourself feel it. There’s a time for all of it.



5 thoughts on “There is a Time for All of It

  1. I cannot stop swooning over and rereading your last paragraph. Thank you for the much needed reminder! I’m glad that feeling hot and icky gave you the opportunity to introspect a little and find a silver lining!

    P.S. I am SO over summer too. If summer were a person, I would punch it in the face.

  2. This is a wonderful and refreshing take on the idea of “for every thing there is a season” and as much as I hate summer (I truly loathe it with everything in me) it’s a perfect reminder that the other things in my life do not last – and also that they come again. I will have to endure, again. I can count on it. And during that time I should remember the things I found good during this unbearable season. Thank you for this!

  3. Unlike Stephanie (above) I love summer and I am happy to live where Winter is “not a thing.” The kind of perspective you share here is something important for us all to recognize. And while I’m sure we KNOW it, it gets pushed down until there is an epiphany like you had that brings it all to the forefront again. Lovely post and great photos.

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