May Things

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Three words: The Handmaid’s Tale.

I had a girls night with a few of my oldest friends in Kansas City. We ate at The Oliver which I would recommend to, literally, anyone. The wine I chose was the same kind that Pat Benatar had been drinking the night before in the same restaurant, according to our very tall waiter.

I sold several paintings, at least three of which sold within 24 hours of being listed on Instagram (the rest were commissions)! The proceeds of these sales went to purchasing gift cards to donate to Safe Hope. I made a commitment to donate more to local organizations that are doing good work in our communities this year. Unfortunately… our income hasn’t exactly exploded in recent years so I had to get creative about how I’d be able to fulfill this commitment. That’s when I started selling paintings and using the proceeds from that to give. The response has been so exciting that it’s getting me thinking about what this might look like in the big picture… I’m going to keep selling and keep helping to take care of local places. If you know of any, let me know and I’ll check them out.

Is anyone else as obsessed with Master of None as I am? I feel like this show is so much more rich than you’d ever expect going in. It deals with such honest and subtle takes on important subjects (another show that does this well, The Carmichael Show). It’s certainly no silly comedy that you’d expect if all you know of Aziz Ansari is what you’ve seen on Parks and Rec. Anyway, here’s an article from GQ about How Master of None Unexpectedly Became TV’s Best Food Show.

Photo: Netflix

This Rookie podcast interview with George Saunders spoke to my writer’s heart. It was so meaty–I kept skipping back 30 seconds just to hear certain things over and over again.
This episode of The Liturgists Podcast about Spiritual Trauma (and trauma in general). I was especially intrigued by the parts about how the body and brain respond to trauma.

In McPherson news, Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub opened this month! We’ve been dreaming and wondering about this for over a year and this May, Noffy and Lisa brought this little baby to life! If you live in Kansas, please make the trip down here. It’s completely worth it. I can’t tell you how excited I was to walk in one night and be greeted with, “Hey! Thanks for coming in but we’re all out of food.” McPherson loves Noffy’s!

I bought a new swimsuit on clearance at the end of last summer so I don’t need a new suit this year but if I did, this one.
I’m also in the market for a casual summer dress that I can just throw on with sneakers and be done with it. Something like this, this, or this one! (That last one might very well be the one for me.)

Have you seen the new limited-edition Rauschenberg Collection at Warby Parker? I’m absolutely here for these in a color described as “Crystal Marina“. And if you’re a glasses wearer who has never had a pair of Rx sunglasses… I’m begging you to treat yourself! I got my first pair of Rx sunglasses at the tender age of 30. Game changer, kids. Game changer.
OH! THIS JUST IN! This weekend they’re doing a BOGO sale on Bon Look so you can actually get those sunnies we were talking about in addition to some regular everyday ones. Use offercode MAKEITTWO at the check out to get 50% off your second order.

Things I’ve Written in May:
We debuted a new series called The Growing Season.
I answered some of your questions about my spiritual life.
I got caught up in graduation season and wrote a letter to my younger self.
My post about Oklahoma City was featured on The Voyageer!

TELL ME! I want to know what one/ some of your favorite things were that you discovered this month! Not only am I curious, but it’s such a good practice to develop. Take a second and reflect.


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