Moving for Introverts

I make my coffee anywhere and it calms me just the same. Home is in my French Press. So even when it still feels like I’m living in a hotel room, I can still know I’m home because of the coffee. And because I signed a lease but that’s beside the point.

Some friends of mine moved their family to a new home the same weekend that we did. She told me that their youngest was saying, “I want to go to my room!” And when she’d take him there, he’d say, “No, my other room!” And I was like, “I get it buddy.” That’s exactly how it’s felt for us, too.

Ryan and I are both introverts. Big time. We need to be able to retreat into our quiet spaces to recharge. But when you move–for a while it doesn’t feel like home yet. I don’t have a quiet space to recharge yet.


At the old house, I loved to sit at the dining room table. Usually with my computer open or with my paints out. Sometimes I’d just sit there with my coffee and simply rest. I don’t have a place like that in my new apartment yet. We got rid of our dining room table because there’s just not room for it. But I do have a desk. That’s where I am right now. But it’s not the same. It’s a dark, wood desk and it feels very moody. It’s just not the same vibe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely scene. I’m currently facing the big window framed with these fun curtains that my best friend grabbed for us at IKEA last week (pro tip: always have a friend who lives near/ loves to go to IKEA). I have fresh flowers, a cup of coffee and a view of a big tree and an open field. You’d think this would be inspiration central.

But I think I’m learning that I need a completely different scene. I might need brighter colors. More white. More sun. OR I’m learning about being an introvert in a new house who still feels like she’s on a lame vacation at a C+ Airbnb. It takes time.

We walk in faith knowing that we’re going to feel at home soon. We’ll keep hanging the curtains and stacking books on shelves and making dinner and it’ll feel like home soon enough. I think.

Seriously, though, I really do love our apartment. There’s so much storage and there’s a bunny that hangs out under the tree in front of our apartment just to taunt Fiona. And the flooring is brand new and the electric bill is low. And our landlord sounds like he really wants to make sure things are done the right way. And I think we made a good choice coming here. It’ll be even more comfortable once we get to these last four or five boxes.


One thought on “Moving for Introverts

  1. Getting settled. Yes, it really takes time. I hope you’re able to continue arranging things until they feel right. Don’t know if you’ve gotten any art on the walls yet, but for me that is the thing that really makes me feel like I’m back in ~my~ space, being surrounded by familiar things.

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