June Things

I like to pop over once a month to show you a list of sundry things that have caught my eye. Full disclosure, a few of these links are affiliate links and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase if you use them. Thanks for helping to support businesses that help to support me.

June has been an… emotional month to say the least. We found a new apartment, we’ve been packing and getting rid of a lot of our stuff. A new baby nephew was born into our family, and a friend passed away. June 2017 has been a ride on the struggle bus–high highs and low lows. But that happens sometimes, you know? Sometimes you just gotta ride it out.


Here’s an article about Kansas’ beloved Patsy Terrell–who passed away mere hours after the historic tax bill that she’d worked tirelessly on passed. #PatsyForKansas
Patsy and I had plans for an interview to post here on XOXO,Lib but that never ended up happening. I still feel compelled to write about her, though. So I hope I’m able to make that happen. I don’t know, though. It was hard to write even this little blurb so it might be a while.

I read about these gender-neutral schools in Sweden. “Together the results suggest that although gender-neutral pedagogy on its own may not reduce children’s tendency to use gender to categorize people, it reduces their tendency to gender-stereotype and gender-segregate, which could widen the opportunities available to them.”

I really love my current swimsuit. This is the top and here are the bottoms. I’ve never owned a two-piece in my whole life and I have to tell you–that’s thirty three years of totally missing out. I can’t get over how comfortable and functional this suit is! Last week, I tried it on just to see how well it still fit since I bought it last year. And I ended up just wearing it around the house for the rest of the day. Other suits I love: this one (because of the print), and this one (because of the sweet spot between adorableness and functionality).

I’m utterly enchanted with Lorde’s new album, Melodrama. I’ve heard a few interviews with her on the Rookie Mag podcast that got me excited about this album but also on the most surface level, it’s just a damn good pop album that makes me want to get up and dance.

Ryan and I went to see Wonder Woman last week. I didn’t really care much about it before we got there but five minutes in and I was so into it! It helped that we’d read The Secret Life of Wonder Woman earlier in the year for our Virtual Book Club.

I’m excited to get our new house to feel like a home that fits us so well. Ten Thousand Villages is singing to my soul for this. I’m looking for a wall hanging to go over our bed. Maybe something like this? Or, actually, I saw something perfect over in Ryan and Becca’s shop (I think that these colors will go perfectly with our navy and gold bedding, don’t you?)!

I love this article that The Voyageer did about finding the cool spots in new cities–just in time for your summer vacation, right?

As I’ve been following A Simple Alternative on Instagram, I’ve been learning more and more about sustainable living and I feel like as we start life in our new home, it might be a great time to pursue it more and more. One thing I’ve been wondering about is, “what do we do about all the plastic that just incidentally occurs in everyday stuff?” This article on Reading My Tea Leaves has a really great idea about that.


Tell me about what June has been like for you!





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