Resistance Wear for the Fats in Your Life (and the not-so-fats, too!)

My main coping mechanism in times of trial is online shopping. So after this weekend of fighting actual Nazis, I am yet again trying to find cool t-shirts that will tell the world what I think. I’m all for getting into conversations but when you are a white woman living in a small town in the bible belt, you can get lumped into a certain group without trying pretty easily. I want them to see me coming. T-shirts help curb that. But cool t-shirts are hard to come by when your body wears a certain size.

So, here, I made this roundup for us! Let me know what I missed!

Heads up, none of these are affiliate links–I’m not making any money off of these, I just really want you to know about these companies.

Resistance Movement Company:
I was so psyched to find this shop! Aside from the Fat Girl Flow merch page, I have never ever seen a feminine cut graphic t-shirt that went up to a size 4x but there are some options for femmes of size! We, too, can shout that love is love is love from the rooftops! Or, from our t-shirts anyway.

Fat Girl Flow Merch:
Sized L-4x (including the now-famous “Fat Bitch” shirt that Gabi Fresh was seen sporting a few weeks ago). Accepting yourself and owning your body is a powerful act of resistance.


Unlock Hope:
Some t-shirts go up to a 3x. Most of the feminine cut pieces, if that’s what you’re into, only go up to 2x so be mindful of that. These t-shirts are a really soft, comfy-cozy ring-spun cotton and their clearance prices are insanely inexpensive because it’s important to resist on a budget. I bought this Love Is Not Blind one for myself.

Fabulously Feminist:
Another Etsy shop. Sizes go up to 3x. My friend Cammie showed me this shop and I’m so excited about it because everything is so beautifully designed! The kind of stuff I love to wear. Let us now praise badass women. Also, I have no patience for your ableism.


Has a few shirts that go up to 3x. I’m in love with this beautiful t-shirt of truth. The patriarchy is a pyramid scheme! This is also the stop for all the lesbian t-shirts you can dream up.

Middle of the Hudson:
This etsy shop goes up to a size 4x on 100% combed, ringspun cotton. This is important to me because there’s nothing I hate worse than spending tons of money on a t-shirt and getting a Hanes Beefy T in the mail. I put the riot in patriotic. And since even basic science is under attack these days, here you go.

Other sites that I love to support (though their t-shirt sizes don’t necessarily accommodate a wide range):

Preemptive Love Coalition: this is an organization that I’ve believed in and given funds to for years. PLC had people on the ground running into the war with food and medicine for the people who were caught in the crossfire. Aid workers for died in war, this year, as they were doing all they could to get food to starving people. Every shirt you buy (and every dollar you donate) helps fund Preemptive Love’s peacemaking work on the front lines of conflict—in Syria, Iraq, and in your community. The mission is clear: love anyway.

Google Ghost: The sales from this t-shirt about women artist go to Planned Parenthood.

Merch for the Movement: Most things go up to 2x, very straightforward Black Lives Matter items.


PLEASE leave links to your favorite spots for resistance wear in the comments either here or on the Facebook page! Let’s share more and more and more!



2 thoughts on “Resistance Wear for the Fats in Your Life (and the not-so-fats, too!)

  1. Becca Brown says:

    How about instead of wearing an inflammatory t shirt that will just serve to alienate all who don’t think exactly as you do, present a reasonable and rational argument for your viewpoints and also listen to the other sides thoughts.

    1. Hi Becca!
      Obviously where a conversation is possible, a conversation is always important.
      And if you think wearing a t-shirt that says “Love is Not Blind” is inflammatory, you’re really going to hate MOST of what I have to say on this here blog. 😉

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