Page 81: Feminist Friday Feat. Laura

This is part of a long series of posts which will be known as Feminist Fridays. Because individuality is at the heart of feminism, I’m going to open up this space to different people each week to share with us a little portion of their unique journey.

Laura is another one of my friends that I’ve only known online. She’s also BFF with Jessica–who we met last week. Laura is a passionate, insightful, smart woman who I turn to any time that I need to be pumped up or educated. There is so much that I would love to tell you about Laura but we’ll just have to interview her again and again and again.

Laura was born and raised in Ohio, fell in love with a sailor, has nearly 3 children and currently lives in Washington, home of all things mossy and enchanted. She loves knitting, rolling her eyes at the patriarchy and talking about placentas.  IMG_0049 Continue reading “Page 81: Feminist Friday Feat. Laura”