October Things

If you only click on one link from this whole post, may it be this one. This video not only features some of the fiercest young girls I can imagine, but gives real statistics about threats facing girls in the world today. October 11 was International Day of the Girl. The #FreedomForGirls campaign is promoting the U.N.’s Global Goals, an ambitious set of objectives for what the world should look like by 2030.

I went to a transgender workshop in Hutchinson at the beginning of the month. It was such a special experience. We learned about a  lot of Trans 101 information as well as the political side of things but mostly I felt totally empowered by the way that everyone so fearlessly shared their story even though safety is a very real and genuine concern for Trans people in America. They didn’t hold back. They tell their stories. And they give me the power to know that telling my story is the right thing to do. When we liberate ourselves, it allows others to be free, too. 
I’m sure I’ll be chewing on and rediscovering the things I learned from that workshop for a long, long time.

Early in the month, Sydney Liann of The Daybook did a seven day Inside Out challenge where we learned about chakras and relating pain in the body to emotional pain that we’re holding. I’d even discovered some physical pain that is absolutely related to a heart-hurt that I experienced several weeks ago. The body always keeps score.



On the 16th, my BFF Jamie came with me to the (beautiful, gorgeous, magical) Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts to listen to Rupi Kaur read from her new book [affiliate], The Sun and Her Flowers. She was so beautiful and hilarious and the crowd was so, so fun! There were standing ovations, snapping, I fist-pumped… twice. It was a wonderful gift.


The weekend after Rupi, Ryan and I went to Lawrence to see Sherwood. It was such a fun show, I thought. Sherwood was my favorite band all through college and it just so happens that Ryan is long-term friends with Nate, who sings lead. So this show was for both of us for totally different reasons (it was such a happy coincidence that the show landed on my 34th birthday!). I loved hearing these songs that I really hadn’t listened to in such a long time. It made me miss my sister really, really badly because she was the one who introduced me to Sherwood in 2004.
More than anything, Lawrence, Kansas is the most beautiful town to visit in the fall. This town was made for autumns.


This month, I read Dark Matter by Blake Crouse (book review on that coming up later this week), We Are Okay by Nina LaCour and The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur [all affiliate links].


We’ve made all the final edits and &/Both Magazine is being released November 15! We are so, so proud of it! Please, if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy, please, please preorder it here! We need you to preorder it so that we know how many people care about this project and also we need to know how many to print in the first place! ALSO–after the release date, the price will go up. So this is really the best possible way for you to get the best possible deal on it. THANK YOU!!

It is straight up Autumn outside which means that I am ready to make this Three Potato Soup. And maybe let’s follow it up with this Maple Glazed Apple Pull-Apart Bread, yeah? Come on over.

We finished Stranger Things 2 in two days because we wanted to stay ahead of the memes. Ohhhh it is so good.

This month was super busy but it was super fun. I was excited about all the trips I took and all the different places that I was featured on the internet!

Oh, and speaking of that! I hope you’re following me on Instagram because Luminance Skincare (follow that link and you can get a FREE sample kit which usually costs $20) asked me to do a takeover on their Instagram Stories next month! I love, love Luminance and you can trust my opinion because they’re not paying me to say this AT ALL. I just love them and I’m excited that they asked to include me in their rad social media outreach.

Other places on the internet where you can find my work:
The Lady Project blog ran my piece about seasonal depression and self-care.
Yes and Yes Blog, did an interview with me about re-evaluating one’s sexuality after marriage.

Anyway–I’d love for you to tell me one or two things that you loved about October!

Page 48: A Birthday Party at Hatch Studios

I’ve made a very intentional point to stop saying, “We should hang out sometime” to people that I have no intention of hanging out with. I’d say for the past year and a half or so I’ve done a pretty good job of not tacking that statement onto the end of a conversation that I’m trying desperately to get out of. It’s an easy way to end the conversation right now but it doesn’t serve our future selves. Because you’re just going to have to deal with it again. And we’re just going to have to say, “we should get together,” again. Forever and ever. amen

Life tip:
The best way of ending those conversations? “Hey, it was really good to run into you, today. Have a good one.” Period.

I’ve been working part-time for Hatch Studios in Hutchinson, Kansas for the past four months or so. Hatch is a studio devoted to providing space for people in the community to create art. I’ve been a fan/ patron of Hatch since they opened their doors. I love the whole idea and vibe of the place. And one day I reached out to Lacey, the owner, and told her that I believe in her work and listed off all my skills and asked her if she had any need for me. And lucky, lucky me, she said yes.

My work is all done online. I believe the job title that we settled on was “Virtual Assistant” and I answer emails and help people to plan their parties. But eventually the feelings of jealousy caught up to me. I was envious of everyone else’s parties and decided to just throw my own. So, I hope this doesn’t come off as a marketing ploy but really I just want to give you an idea of what a night at Hatch is like.

I reached out via text message and Facebook and real life to some local people that I like a lot—people to whom I have sincerely said “we should hang out more/ for the first time ever in real life!” As I mentioned before, my birthday is this week. So I used it as an excuse to get a lot of random people together. People that I have only known on the internet, people that I have known in real life but admire, people to whom I am related but we don’t see each other enough, people that I see all the time and can’t get enough of. I set a time and a date and most people said “sure!” And most people were able to make it and it turned out to be so much fun.

Hatch Studios Hutchinson Kansas

So I booked a Wine and Paint class for last Friday night with all of my friends. I instructed everyone to bring whatever they wanted to drink. I brought cupcakes. Some people brought presents. They sang happy birthday to me—okay, this was officially a birthday party and not just an excuse to get rad people all into the same room.

Hatch Studios Hutchinson Kansas

Lacey taught our class and it always strikes me what an incredible teacher she is. She’s so good at identifying potential problems and helping us to avoid them, and providing a lot of information without getting too overwhelming. She’s also really, really, patient. This is probably her most mesmerizing talent. Even when, in the middle of painting, I reminded everyone that there were cupcakes if they wanted one and it ended up turning into a snack break, she didn’t even seem annoyed. If the tables had been turned, I would have been giving so much side-eye at me.

Hatch Studios Hutchinson Kansas Hatch Studios Hutchinson Kansas

So we walked in, the tables were all set up with easels, water cups, the necessary brushes and a pallet. We got to choose any colors that we wanted, which means that even though we’re all painting the same picture, everyone’s finished product ends up looking so different and full of personality. Everyone grabbed whatever they wanted to drink and we got to work. Lacey said some very nice things about me and then walked us, step-by-step through how to awesomely execute our painting. It took about 2 hours and in the end, everyone had a gorgeous painting to hang in their home.

Hatch Studios Hutchinson Kansas

A couple of life lessons that I learned through this experience:
1. It’s natural to really hate what’s happening on your canvas at the time that it’s happening. Through out the whole night, someone (or three or four someones) was saying, “I don’t know about this…” or “oh, no! I’ve definitely ruined this!” But in the end, you have to just keep going with it. Which leads to life lesson number two.
2. Trust the process. Understand that you’re not going to start with a masterpiece. You’re going to utilize a relatively messy method to create a masterpiece and there’s a lot of pride in that.
3. Know when to leave it alone. Otherwise something that could have been lovely is going to result in a big, conjumbled mess just because you couldn’t help yourself from fixing meddling.
4. We’re all going to make it through, in the end, and we’ll have something colorful to show for it. There will also be cupcakes.

So thanks to my friends who came to this fun night. And thanks to Hatch for having us. And thanks, other people, for reading this and for leaving nice comments.

xoxo, lib.