What I Love About Noonday + Giveaway!

I was introduced to Noonday Collection a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the company. Even I–I who hates direct sales parties, hosted my own Noonday brunch and invited my favorite local people to eat sticky buns and look through jewelry with me. That’s how much I love Noonday. It’s strong, you guys.
I’m even hosting one, now! But who has time for an in-person trunk show? It’s all online and if you want to shop through it, click here. That party will run through March 2 if you want a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ for you or a loved one.

So when Alana Murphy approached me and asked if I’d want to host a giveaway so that my readers could get their hands on a beautiful piece from the new Storyline Collection, I was immediately on board.

You know that in this family, we champion women and so does Noonday. When you shop through Noonday, you’re providing work and livable wages so that artists all over the world can raise their families and change their communities. Women are not only able to put food on the table but also employ others in their communities. Lives are changing is what I’m saying. It’s cool.

Image Description: A selfie featuring Libby and her partner on vacation. Libby is wearing her favorite, gold, Noonday Collection necklace.

In addition to being a world-changing company, Noonday also just makes some very legit, beautiful jewelry and accessories. I don’t own that much jewelry but when I do wear it, I find myself reaching time and time again for my Noonday pieces. I have the Small Cow Horn Hoops (which go with exactly everything in my closet–even basic t-shirts) as well as the Edgewise earrings (which are so subtle and pretty). I also have a favorite necklace which I’m not finding on the website. This leads me to recognize that it’s been way too long and I need to place an order soon. I really, really want this Editor necklace and one day I’ll save up for a bag (having seen them in person, I promise you, they’re worth saving up for).


But wait–it gets cooler because for the Spring 2018 Collection (which launches today!), Noonday is teaming up with The Starfish Project. If you haven’t heard, The Starfish Project is an organization that exists to care for people who have been affected by Human Trafficking. They care for both the immediate need, by offering shelter and safety, and in the long-term by providing counseling as well as education and even employment.

By teaming up, together, Noonday Collection and The Starfish Project have created the Storyline Collection. The Spring 2018 Collection drops today! So head over to check it out. You’re going to need to do that anyway to enter the giveaway.

And if you want more than the Belonging Necklace we’re giving away, I’ve got a party open! You don’t even have to leave the house to participate Use this link to go through and place an order and you’ll be added to my trunk show (which is open until March 2, 2018).


To celebrate the launch of this new collab between Noonday and The Starfish Project,  Noonday Ambassador Alana Murphy is giving away one Belonging Necklace from the new Storyline Collection.

Use this link to get to the Raffelcopter where you’ll be directed to answer a question in order to enter the giveaway. There are options to get more entries. Those options involve visiting our Facebook pages (and while you’re there, give us a follow so you can learn about new exciting things happening in our spaces) but even if you don’t have Facebook, you can still enter the giveaway.
The giveaway will be open for one week and the winner will be contacted shortly after it closes.

Good luck! And have an incredible week.

XOXO, Lib (and Alana)

Announcing the 2017 #xoxoselfiechallenge!

I have heard the cries of my people and I’m here to give you what you asked for! This time last year we were gearing up for a Selfie Challenge. I’d conceived of it a night or two before the launch and it was very thrown together. But it was a lot of fun! I think most of the joy came from injecting fun and community into, arguably, one of the coldest and most desolate months of winter. Also it’s so exciting to see your face on the regular!

Last February, our selfie challenge focused on self acceptance and love. On our hashtag, #xoxoselfiechallenge we got over 700 tagged photos and dozens and dozens of participants. I heard back from many of you who said that you had learned so much about yourself along the way. That kind of feedback makes my heart swell! I love you all so much. You know that, right?


This time the challenge is different. It’s bigger and better than ever. For starters—we have a few sponsors! That means that at the end of each week, we have stuff to giveaway! This excites me because I’ve wanted to lavish you with gifts for so long.

Another way that this challenge is different is our focus. Self Care is the name of the game this go-round. Now, I know what you’re thinking but there’s so much more to self-care than taking bubble baths and letting yourself eat more chocolate than you normally would. Through the course of February, we’re going to explore 28 different methods of self-care. Some of them are of the treat-yo-self variety, sure. Other prompts focus on stretching your creativity, caring for others, or setting Future You up for success! I had so much fun doing research and selecting prompts that gave you room to use your imagination.

So because this isn’t necessarily about “selfies”, you certainly don’t have to find creative ways to get your face into every single one of these photos (although I do want to see your face because that ish just lights me up). Think of it more as a Caring For Your Self(ie) Challenge. At the end of the month, we’ll re-group and talk about the different self-care techniques that you felt like really fed you and some others that were more difficult to get through. This is all about self-exploration, getting to know what works for you, and what it looks like when things are really clicking.

What do you think? Are you in? Cool. Do you want to invite a friend along on the journey? That’s awesome. The more, the merrier!

How to participate:

The entire challenge and all giveaways will take place on Instagram. Make sure that you’re following @realxoxolib to ensure that you won’t miss anything. I’ll give you updates as time draws closer and that’s where you’ll find out about how to participate in giveaways as well.

Every day (or as often as is reasonable), you’ll take a photo that correlates with that day’s prompt and hashtag it with #xoxoselfiechallenge. Then make sure you surf through the hashtag, meet everyone else, and see what they’re up to!

My hope is that this shared experience helps to foster an even deeper sense of community among XOXO readers. You’re all so loyal and wonderful and I’m lucky to have you—I just want you all to know one another, too!


So if you’re seeing this now, post ^^this graphic^^ to your Instagram account, tag it with #xoxoselfie challenge and let your friends know that you’ll be participating! Invite them along with us! I think we’ll have a blast.

If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I promise to get back with you!

Thank you for being awesome!