Page 65: Introducing the #xoxoselfiechallenge

I say this every single year but just in case any of you are new and don’t know this about me, I just need to shout it from the rooftops: I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! Oh wait, before we go any further, you should be listening to this song while reading, to get the mood right.

I love all the hearts and pink and red and smoochy lips and glitter and bling that pops up in one of the most disgusting months of the entire year. Weather-wise, can you think of a more gross month? Ugh. This winter is long and our feelings aren’t doing great at all but at least there are roses in February.


I’m also not one of those people who feels like February is for lovers. It’s not. It’s for love. It’s for love in the middle of the crummiest-feeling time of the year. Whoever invented Valentines Day knew what they were doing.

Because February is for love I’m making a point to celebrate all kinds of love. Yeah, I already got a smushy, mushy, gushy card for my husband but guess what else? I’m planning a Galentines Day Brunch for my girl friends, too (let me know if you want to come)! And I’m working to orchestrate something for all of you far and wide, too. But first let me back up real quick.



Selfies get a bad rap. “She’s so vain.” “Look at her begging for attention.” “This guy’s just trying to get laid.” “She’s making the same face in every photo!”
To that, I say, “And?”
It feels really good to put yourself out there. It’s brave and vulnerable and fun. It’s easy, and not really all that fun, to criticize, though.


I am a firm believer in selfies as a form of self-love. I don’t get mad when I see my friends posting photos of themselves, at all. I mean, in a world where we’re constantly being told that we’re too baggy, saggy, puffy, droopy, plump, wide, slim, young, old, or tired, any act of self-celebration is revolutionary. And I say let’s grab hands and march into battle, together, without apology!

So that’s why, for the month of February, XOXO, Lib is hosting a selfie challenge!
I wrote up a list of themes for each and every day to keep things interesting. We’ll post our selfies to Instagram with #xoxoselfiechallenge. Each week, with permission, I’ll grab a few from the hashtag thread to highlight and post here on the blog.
Some of these themes are pretty obvious but others are really vague—that was done by design. You can make this anything that you want it to be, really! Take ownership of your self(ie)!

#xoxoselfiechallenge for February, 2016:
1. What I Like About Me
2. Action Shot
3. Feet First
4. Long Day
5. Bed Head
6. Nice Hair!
7. Celebrate
8. Twinning
9. Listen
10. Get Moving
11. Lunch Break
12. What’s up?
13. Best Friend
14. Sweet Treat
15. Guilty Pleasure
16. Full Frontal
17. Wake Up
18. New Perspective
19. Treat Yourself
20. Listen
21. Stre-e-e-e-tch
22. Angry Eyes
23. Hobby Time
24. Fake It (till you make it)
25. Morning Routine
26. Hard at Work
27. Clear Mind
28. Upgrade
29. Eat Green

Rules: Starting Monday, February 1st, anyone who wants to contribute can! You don’t have to do it every day—though that IS the challenge of it. You don’t even have to follow the list of themes. You make this into whatever works for you. But in the end, I want our community to come together over celebration of ourselves and each other!
The only real rule is that you take a photo that contains at least a little bit of yourself in it.
If you don’t have instagram, you can share your photos to the XOXO, Lib Facebook page or email them to me at libby(at) and we’ll all get in on this together!
If you’re on board, let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page!! And if you want to share this with your friends to get them in on it, share this post!! The more people we get involved, the more fun that it will be. I’m so excited to get to know all of you just a little bit more and put a selfie to a name!


Thank you, everyone, for giving me the opportunity to do what I really love to do. Just by reading and sharing you’re doing more than you know and I feel so utterly over the moon about it.

Follow me on Instagram, too! I’m liblibby.

13 thoughts on “Page 65: Introducing the #xoxoselfiechallenge

  1. Jamie says:

    LOVE THIS! All of this.
    And your perspective on Valentine’s Day is so refreshing! I love the idea of celebrating love in the most general sense, rather than just romantic love. And why I never thought to apply that is beyond me. Rules, I guess?

    Because there are so many expectations placed on appearance, especially for women, I like to snap selfies when I’m feeling especially pretty. Generally, I keep these for myself to check out when I’m feeling less than pretty or confident. But you never know when you’re going to want a new profile pic, either;)
    I’m looking forward to having a space to celebrate these with other people! Because…what’s wrong with being CONFIDENT?

  2. Hi Libby!

    What a cool post! This is only my first visit to your blog EVER, but I’m glad I found it. I’ve always really liked Valentine’s Day, as well, but never go too far out of my way to celebrate for some reason. I adore all the pink and red hearts, candies and flowers that are so cliche to the holiday. Never once have I connected the ideas of Valentine’s Day with self-love…. But I love the idea! I’m not bothered by selfies, either, though I don’t take many selfies. Once in a while, I guess.

    I like your challenge idea for the month of February. Sounds like it’d be hard! But fun… 😉

    1. Hey Amber, welcome!
      I hope you come on this journey with us! I’m so excited about it.
      PS I checked out your blog and I love your photography and graphics. Very cool space! I’ll subscribe to you on Bloglovin’.

  3. Melody says:

    I have to admit that my selfie hate has been pretty strong, but reading your thoughts on them totally changed that for me. I love the idea that it really just shows that a person is loving and accepting themselves. And it’s also allowing me to use my word for 2016, acceptance to just now accept other people–and myself–more fully with every aspect of how they portray themselves. You have changed my heart and broadened my mind, and it is better for it.

    Also, I do feel pretty timid about taking constant selfies, but I may join in, at least on some days.

    This post is beautiful. Thank you. #MyHeart

    1. Yesterday my word of the day was “accept”. Accept myself as I am right now. Accept my life as it is RIGHT NOW. And accept others as they are right now. There’s plenty of room for growth but right now–we’re gonna just accept it. 🙂
      I’m glad that you want to follow along!

  4. Your thoughtfulness and your heart has changed my perspective on selfies which is great. It all fits in with my word for 2016: acceptance. And I am learning to appreciate selfies and see them as love of self. Ergo, I am in, at least for a few days. Thank you for sharing you. You are inspirational!

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