Page 89: So, You Wanna Talk About Podcasts?

Do you want me to have a friend-crush on you? Tell me about what you’re reading or what podcasts you’re hooked on. Homina homina homina.

The other day I went through all the podcasts that I’m subscribed to and the number was 36. THIRTY SIX! That’s too many! And still… if I’m being completely honest with you? Not enough. In my defense, I will tell you that many that I am subscribed to are currently on hiatus or were a one-and-done situation. I’m not currently listening to 36 podcasts consistently.

A lot of people ask me what podcast app it is that I use. And the first few times that people asked me that question, I was really confused because I never set out to find a podcast app. I just use this one that came with my phone. I’m sure there are lots of great ones but I’m not the kind of person who likes to re-adjust to stuff all that often, so I’ll stick to this one.

So, you’re interested in podcasts and you’re looking for one but you want to find the right one. So what are you looking for? (I went ahead and put these into categories but the truth is that so many of these obviously cross-pollinate.)

PicMonkey Collage7

If you want to hear an interview:
You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes
Death, Sex, and Money
Off Camera with Sam Jones

PicMonkey Collage6

If you want to listen to tangents and rambling:
Manic Rambling Spiral
The Robcast
Beautiful/ Anonymous
Marriage is Funny

PicMonkey Collage5

If you want to listen to an advice columnist:
Dear Sugar Radio
Totally Mommy/ Married
Ask Science Mike
Anna Faris is Unqualified

PicMonkey Collage4

If you’re down for sociological and pop-culture insight (and girl, you know I am!):
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Bye Felipe Podcast
The Read
Call Your Girlfriend

PicMonkey Collage3

If you want in on a project:
Millennial (inspired me to quit the job that made me sick and miserable to do the things that I wanted to do)
First Day Back
Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids
The Moth

PicMonkey Collage2

If you want to hear a story:
Modern Love
The Longest Shortest Time
Love + Radio

PicMonkey Collage1

Misc.,Etc., I love them so much but I don’t know where to put them:
Pop My Culture
What Should I Read Next?
Women of the Hour
Magic Lessons

Now, come on over. Let’s put on a pot of spaghetti, let’s talk podcasts and you’ll give me all the heart-eyes. I promise.

Are there any podcasts that you’re obsessed with? I still have lots that I’d love to talk about but I ran out of space and figured I was already asking for a lot from you people by listing so many today.
Tell me, what’s that thing that makes you feel really bonded to people easily?


4 thoughts on “Page 89: So, You Wanna Talk About Podcasts?

    1. I love Car Talk! I didn’t realize that there were reruns! I’ll have to look that up. It’s one of my favorite NPR shows to listen to on long drives with my husband.

    1. I wasn’t a podcast lover until maybe a year ago. One of my favorite bloggers had started one so I thought “I’ll listen to this while I do the dishes.” And then I got totally hooked!
      I just did a quick search for Lab Girl and it sounds right up my alley!
      You may already know but we have started a monthly bloggers book club–that would be an excellent choice! Thanks for the heads up!

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