The Honor and the Sacredness

“You’ve been married for over a year now! Time to have some kids!” “You’re not getting any younger!” “When are you going to start a family?” “Oh! You got a dog? That should tide you over until some kids come along.”

There have been a few times in my life when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what I was supposed to do and what I wanted.
When I was deciding which college to attend, I prayed for certainty and I received an illogical, deep confidence that I was supposed to go to this specific college in this specific city at this specific time. And I did that and I came away from it with a degree that I have never used and a few friends that I would gladly spend dozens of thousands of dollars to meet again.
When my friend Ryan took a long lunch break and came to my house and told me he couldn’t wait one more minute—he had to tell me he loved me and asked me to be his partner in this life and I had so many questions and so many doubts and what-if’s swimming through my mind but my soul screamed louder inside of me, “This is something big for you. Take this and protect it!”

Everything else—I’ve just been winging it. I’ve never felt called to anything in my life.

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Page 89: So, You Wanna Talk About Podcasts?

Do you want me to have a friend-crush on you? Tell me about what you’re reading or what podcasts you’re hooked on. Homina homina homina.

The other day I went through all the podcasts that I’m subscribed to and the number was 36. THIRTY SIX! That’s too many! And still… if I’m being completely honest with you? Not enough. In my defense, I will tell you that many that I am subscribed to are currently on hiatus or were a one-and-done situation. I’m not currently listening to 36 podcasts consistently.

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Page 86: Checking in for April

You’ve probably heard this 6,000 times already but can you believe it’s already April? Spring has sprung. The flowerbed and my front yard are here to prove it.

Are you using Ibotta? And if not, why the heck not? You buy groceries, right? This app will literally pay you to buy groceries and other things. Ryan and I started using it at the beginning of the year and have decided to save up all the money that we’re racking up in there to use when we go on vacation to Mississippi and New Orleans next month. So far, you guys, we’re up to over $70! Which is going to be so gosh darn helpful on a road trip, right? That is going to cover a few tanks of gasoline! Or, like, at least half the snack budget.
If you want to try it out, use this link. You’ll get $10 and I’ll get $5! It pays out by way of gift cards or PayPal.

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You Are a Feminist and That’s Okay: A Response to “I’m Not a Feminist and That’s Okay”

On March 14 an essay was published on by Amanda Sankey entitled “I Am Not a Feminist and That’s Okay.” I encourage you to go read it—not only because it will provide you with context for the conversation that I’m about to have but also because Amanda is a bright and talented writer and deserves to have her work seen. As a fellow writer and a Feminist, I work to encourage other women to do the work that they love and get credit for it. So go over there, click that link and give her some page views.

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