Page 77: Feminist Friday Feat Staci.

This is part of a long series of posts which will be known as Feminist Fridays. Because individuality is at the heart of feminism, I’m going to open up this space to different people each week to share with us a little portion of their unique journey.

I met Staci in 2011 when Ryan (who was not yet then my husband or even my boyfriend at the time) joined I Heard A Lion—a sweet, sweet local band. Staci’s husband, Doug, was also in the band at that time as well.

Staci has a special place in my heart; I can pin-point the exact moment when I realized that feminism had nothing to do with man-hating and destroying the family structure (which was the bizarre impression that I had before this). Staci was the first person that I’d ever heard refer to herself as a feminist. We were driving and she said it in such a nonchalant way–as if everyone is a feminist and it’s not weird. And in my mind, now, I feel like those things are kind of true but at the time this was a life-changing conversation that I was having.  I was open to learning a lot more about the subject after that. And here we are, today! So please welcome Staci! She wanted me to let you know that she’ll be all up in the comments section if you have any questions or thoughts at the end of this.


So Staci, please tell us a little bit about you.
Hi, I’m Staci! I’ve lived in Colorado, Kansas, and California, but mainly California. I am interested in inspirational articles, food, travel, and dogs. I currently live in San Diego with my husband, Doug and dog, Mosey.
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